Get Involved to Give Back

18 Jan

How you get involved on campus truly influences and enriches your college experience. There are many ways to make your campus involvement serve a dual purpose- both improving your life and contributing to the University and Tucson communities. Many extracurricular activities provide you with an automatic group, making giving back even easier if you haven’t really done it before.

Here’s a breakdown of ways that you can get involved on campus that often facilitate giving back!

Fraternity and Sorority Programs: One aspect of fraternities and sororities is their partnerships with philanthropic organizations. Those partnerships offer opportunities to impact complete strangers’ lives across the nation. You also don’t necessarily have to be a member to help out! By attending our chapters’ philanthropic events, you are able to make a small contribution.

Honoraries: There are several honoraries on campus! Some are based on eligibility by GPA, year in school, or are focused specifically on service to others. Regardless of the honorary, all of them arrange service projects for their members. In addition to the benefits of membership, you get the bonus of feeling good after participating in such projects.

ASUA Clubs: Joining clubs that are focused on your interests such as academics or hobbies are a great way to make new friends and network! In addition, many of these clubs provide opportunities to engage with the Tucson community and encourage children to consider going to college.

Housing and Residential Life: Joining Hall Council, getting involved with RHA/NRHH, or becoming an RA or DA isn’t just for people wanting to work in student affairs later in life. These leadership opportunities are also a chance to improve the daily experiences of students living in the residence halls.

On Campus Jobs: Many departments on campus hire students to work on-campus. These are also wonderful opportunities to gain leadership experiences and network if Housing isn’t your thing. This can be a very rewarding experience because you are helping your fellow students get the most out of the U of A. 

There are many avenues to focus your energies. If you are already involved with some of the groups I discussed, start taking advantage of the opportunities for service! Since it’s the beginning of the semester, it’s a great time to join something new.



There’s More to College than Textbooks?!

18 Jan

We’re in the thick of the spring semester. So what exactly does this mean? It means back to adulting, focusing on self-improvement, and on contributing to the world beyond UA.

Students get so used to the “college” lifestyle that often times the thought of handling their “adult” responsibilities is a drag. Work, taxes, spring semester… basically everything else that primarily involves preparing for school and handling money can seem likes it’s become ten times harder to jump back into. Even if things didn’t get done during break, early in the spring semester is still prime time for “life chores.”

Just as important as adulting is making time for self-enhancement. Cultivating the skills we already have isn’t something that most would associate with self-enhancement but it’s one of the best forms of self-enhancement that there are! The obsession with trying to add new skills to our repertoire of talents can be helpful, but it leaves little room for those that we already possess to grow. Whether it be creative talents or athletic gifts, those are skills that make us better, well-rounded individuals. Distractions may often get the best of students when it comes to these kinds of things, but a little encouragement from support networks goes a long way.

Part of self-enhancement stems from working on making the world beyond our own a happier place. Should time allow it, one of the most important things students can do is get involved in their community. Volunteer service and internships are both things that distinguish the regular students from those who go above and beyond when applying to grad schools and jobs. Most students know this, it’s simply a matter of getting out there and looking for the thing that sparks their interest. With so many options available, there is very little chance of not coming across a good service opportunity.

Sure, students will typically claim that they’ve got everything under control and in reality, those that are lucky really do. More often than not though, parents may find that with everything going on in a student’s life on a daily basis some parental assistance may be necessary. Perhaps this means providing some good advice or simply throwing out a little reminder of things to do here and there. Whatever it may be, a little help from mom and dad is (almost) always welcome even if we students don’t always show it.


Court’s Top 5 Personality Quizzes

15 Jan

When I was younger, I would be that person who searched the internet to find quizzes that determined what type of person I was. Yes, this does include what Parks and Recreation character I am because this is the info I NEED TO KNOW!! (If you’re curious, I was Ron, which makes sense because I love to build things!) No, seriously, I know the concept of personality quizzes could be viewed as being egotistic or unnecessary because (1) you’re taking the time to read about yourself, and (2) you’re the person who knows yourself best, but it actually gives you really good perspective on the things you enjoy and can help you focus on the amazing qualities you possess.

As you go through college, its important to focus on your strengths because this is what makes you stand out in a crowd. You already have this amazing strength that can only be improved!! I cannot stress enough that focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses will get you further in life. In order to find your strengths, you do need to self-reflect and one of the easiest ways to do this is to take a quiz about it. Below I have listed a few personality/strengths identifying quizzes that I have found helpful in my life in terms of learning more about myself. Hopefully, you will find them as helpful as I did 🙂

1. StrengthsQuest:

This is my personal favorite if you want to know what you’re strengths are. Even though it costs $9.99, I would suggest taking it because it gives you great feedback. It takes you through a series of questions and will show you your top 5 strengths out of a list of 34. The 34 strengths are within the categories: executing, influencing, relationship building, and strategic thinking. I have taken this quiz and I have to say it was spot on with my personality and my strengths when I work and interact with others. This is a great site too because it only gives you the top five results therefore you can focus just on your strengths and have empowerment to work on them rather than work on weakness that can only be improved so much. It’s so easy to overlook what you are already good at in order to bring up things you’re not so good at, which can possibly be a waste of time. Highly Recommend!

2. Harry Potter Sorting quiz (Pottermore):
I know this one isn’t as straightforward and obvious as other personality quizzes, but it does give great information about your personality and what qualities shine through most. This one is entertaining because the quiz is based on Harry Potter (obviously) and based off of fun, Harry Potter-related questions that will sort you into one of the houses. For example, it will ask you what your pet companion would be if you were in Hogwarts, either cat, owl, mouse, snake, etc. It’s actually very interesting how accurate their descriptions of the houses are compared to your personality. At training for my role on the Wildcat Connections team last year, the overall theme of our office was Harry Potter and we all took the sorting hat quiz. It was amazing to see how accurate this quiz was in all of our different staff members. I am a Hufflepuff, which I was skeptical at first because I was hoping for Gryffindor, but reading further through the description, this was very correct!

3. 16 Personalities:
16 Personalities is similar to StrengthQuest in terms of its quiz format, but it is free and is based on Meyers Briggs. It will take you through a survey of about 100 questions and will give you a very detailed result. First, it will assign you to one of the four categories: diplomat, analysts, sentinels, and explorers, which all have 4 subcategories that goes deeper into your personality, future job qualities, and strengths. Overall, I found this quiz to be very informative based on other personality quizzes I have taken and it was also nice to be given the Meyer Briggs code in order to explore into this further. If you just wanted to take one quiz, without a cost, I would suggest this one!

4. This Emoji Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait
I decided to throw this one into the list because it was very different than any other quiz I have taken about my personality. The title says it all! It will give you a visual image of the emojis you find on your phone and you pick which one is your favorite out of about 30 emojis. What I thought was cool was that it went through all of the sections (expresions, food, symbols, etc) rather than just the smiley faces sections. Even though the results were not that detailed, it was interesting to see an aspect of my personality what displayed through my favorite emojis. The result I got was curiosity, which was very accurate in my life. I am always questioning things around me and trying to create new things (duh… I’m an art major). I also had one of my coworkers, Gabriela, take the quiz too and it was pretty on point about a quality about her too. This one may not be the most accurate or detailed, but it is very fun to take if you have a few minutes on your hands. 🙂

5. Life Path
Life path is a website that is created by a woman who is very interested in numerology. Honestly. I have never thought much about numerology until one of my friends suggested using this website, but I can honestly say, the results were pretty accurate, in terms of where I am in my life and what qualities/values I have. All you have to do is put in your name and birth date, then the website does the rest. In my results, I got the number 3, which describes a life path that is creative and very sensitive, which I am. The first results are only about a paragraph or two. This is also a free service, but if you want to have a more detailed analysis based off of this information, all  you have to do is submit a form with your information and after a few days, you will receive a 22 page document with information regarding your strengths, weaknesses, and personality.

Overall, I feel like it is very beneficial to take quizzes like these in order to understand your personality, which impacts a lot of what you do in school and future job opportunities. Obviously, if you are very analytical and introverted, you would want a job different from a person who is extroverted and innovative. Knowing everything about yourself is import in order to narrow down your interests in majors, future jobs, and your strengths and weaknesses. College is all about discovering who you are as an adult and quizzes like the ones I have provided are not only fun, but informative when you are learning about yourself. I suggest taking time to take at least one to see how accurate it is and who knows, you may learn something new about yourself. 🙂

Take Care,


11 Jan

Now that it’s the new year and y’all have your fitness routines and such all worked out, it’s time to focus on your hearts. VOLUNTEERING! YAY! Okay, yeah, I get it, you did that one thing, that one time, and you’re set, right? NO. WRONG. It’s always a good thing to volunteer, and let Lili lay some knowledge on why.


get readdddddyyy

    • Look, let’s be real. You know you feel good when you volunteer, or help someone. Maybe not in the moment, but you know you helped someone who needed it. So, why on earth wouldn’t you want to feel good? Your conscience is calling you! It wants you to help put a smile on someone else’s face!giphy.gif
    • Who says you don’t have to benefit from the volunteer work? You can definitely mention these experiences on your resume, cover letters, and interviews! After all, the things are building your character, so y’know, GO BUILD SOME CHARACTER. 

      you’ll be dancing once you know you have some solid resume builders!


    • Whether you’re helping someone mow their lawn, or you’re tutoring other students, you are making a difference. Although it may not feel like it for the big picture, you are changing someone’s life. It may not be the world, but if enough of us do one kind act like that, it builds up to change the world in the end. 

      don’t be surprised! Someone out there needs help!


    • Networking is the way of the modern world; you need connections to get places, letters of recommendations, and anything else of the sorts. Volunteering opportunities open windows where you can meet new people! This, again, is another way you can benefit from volunteering. 

      you recently when people ask if you have built some networks lately.



  5. IT’S FUN
    • Who said you would have to do it alone? I volunteer all the time with a group of my friends! You really get to bond with your best mates while also helping the community. It’s a win-win!


All in all, life is what you make of it. Why not help someone who needs it? You can have fun, gain experience, and benefit the community all by one opportunity. So, hop to it!


Much love,

Lils xx


Refresh, Not Reinvent

11 Jan

New Year, Better You

January is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, clean slates… It’s 2018 and with this new year we have the opportunity to focus on ourselves again. At least for the time being. Like the intelligent, capable people that we are, we should all be striving towards becoming a stronger and greater version of ourselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean cultivating new skills or strengths. What may be even more beneficial than that during this time in the new year can simply come down to nurturing what strengths are already there.

Where to Begin?

Some people can have a hard time getting this process started. Sitting down and identifying all of the things that make us valuable can be difficult, especially if we aren’t used to it. A lot of what it comes down to is knowing yourself. In other words, understanding where your assets lie as opposed to berating yourself for the things you wish you were better at. Ask yourself: “what am I good at?” and answer it honestly. Perhaps its your ability to relate to people or your ability to plan, organize, and see projects through.

Whatever said assets may be, there are a number of ways to discover them. One way is by self-reflecting. Sitting down and dissecting yourself is one of the top ways to name all of things you probably already knew about yourself but had never acknowledged. Or perhaps you had no idea at all! Another good way to discover your fabulous attributes is to ask others for their perspective. Of course, not everyone is comfortable doing something like this, but for those of us who are, it can be quite eye-opening. Collect a mental list of the qualities that come up over and over again: those are the ones that are more than likely true. Whichever way you choose to dig into yourself, what really becomes important is that you cultivate those qualities you find.

Leave Reinvention in 2017

The ultimate goal in putting forth so much effort towards identifying your best qualities is to nurture them. As I mentioned before, the new year doesn’t have to be about reinvention. Make this new year a time for improvement of the individual you already are. Someone who is likely intelligent person, strategic, kind, nurturing, logical… The skills which we already possess should continue to be practiced so that they may be perfected. Forget the pressure of trying to become someone new–this year it’s about embracing what makes us outstanding and running with it!



Spring into the New Semester

5 Jan

One thing I always find difficult is transitioning from winter break back into school life. I’m not going to lie; I love the life of getting up late, binge watching Netflix, and actually getting to see my family without the stress of homework. Even if I wish I could be a couch potato for more than a few weeks, I know it’s time to get back into my college routine. GOODBYE lazy Courtney and HELLO productive Courtney!! Ok, ok… I know it’s not that easy (but I wish it was!). How do you find the motivation to come back after a long semester and a well deserved break? Well, it takes a little time to get fully back into your groove. Here are a few things I like to do in order to get back into the semester!

  • New Supplies/Clothes – One of my favorite things to get me back to “school”

    New Semester, New You! Be confident 🙂

    Courtney is to get new things to help me get excited. I don’t know about you, but the best thing about getting new clothes or supplies is to USE them, so holding off until the first day of school to wear a new outfit or bust out your new planner gives you something to look forward to! For me, I usually get new pens, at least one new notebook, and possibly an outfit or two. It’s a gift for myself to start the new semester (why not treat yourself?) and it gets me eager to start school again.

  • Put Last Semester Away – This one is simple, yet important! Go through your desk/backpack/folders/notebooks and get rid of or put away things from last semester you don’t need anymore. Do you really need the flyer you got on the mall that you stuffed in your backpack while you were on your way to class or your Gen-Ed syllabus? Probably not. Throw away the things that you can get rid of permanently like ripped folders, but keep anything that will help you in the long run such as old notes from math that you can reference just in case you need to this semester. I suggest putting all the things from last semester in a box or a drawer that you want to keep and get rid of anything unnecessary.

    GET RID OF THINGS, but maybe not your computer 😉

    I failed to do this between Spring 2017 to Fall 2017 and it had an impact because I had all of these papers that I did NOT need, which made my bag cluttered. I felt like I was stepping into the same semester again because I was bombarded with old notes and other items that reminded me of last semester. Spring 2018 is a new opportunity to improve your GPA and move forward, not to dwell over the previous semester.

  • Get Organized – You have one semester under your belt and now you know what is working and not working in your college routine. PLEASE take the time and organize not only your bedroom/backpack, but also your “life” schedule. Allow free time in your hectic routine for time dedicated to yourself, studying, people, and hobbies. One thing I have always struggled with is leaving room in my schedule for things other than school. Even if you’re still working on your Spring schedule, try to map out time dedicated to certain activities. Trust me, planning it out time is more effective than trying to find time when you can.


    Dedicate time for the things you like!

  • Be Optimistic – If you had a rough last semester, THAT’S OKAY!!! 🙂 College is very difficult to get use to because it is completely different than high school. Freshman year is a transitional period to get to know yourself, understand which studying habits work and don’t work, and comprehend the amount of work needed in order to get good grades. Don’t beat yourself down if you didn’t get the GPA you were hoping for because you are going to take more classes and you can always bring your GPA up over time. If you don’t know what you want to major in, THAT’S OKAY!!! 🙂 When you first come into college and pick out your major, it might not be the one you stick

    Take this semester to find what you want to learn about!

    with because you don’t know what you want to do until you start to go through classes and learning about the subject in more detail. You can explore as many majors as you want to in order to find your fit. Honestly, I didn’t find my major until Spring semester of Sophomore year and I am still on track to graduate in the time I wanted to. You still have time to make these difficult decisions. Keep in mind this is only your second semester of college and you shouldn’t know everything. Second semester helps you develop further academically, socially, and mentally. Even though it’s hard work to grow, it’s is a good thing. Try to stay optimistic about the new semester because it brings in so many new opportunities!

Good luck in your first three days of classes; I know you will do great! You are already getting adjusted to college and this semester is a new opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and learn more!! I know college can get tough, but at the end of the day you are paving out your future, which is AMAZING!!! Pat yourself on the back for getting through your first semester and start looking forward to the Spring! It will be everything you make it to be!


Have a good start to the semester! -Courtney 🙂


Transitioning Back into College Life

27 Dec

Winter break is coming to an end and it’s time students start thinking about the upcoming semester. Some students may feel they have a great handle on the new semester due to a strong first semester, while some may feel a little nervous to return due to a difficult transition from high school to college. Wherever your student is, the new semester and New Year bring great opportunities to succeed.

With the New Year, everyone has goals to benefit themselves and this includes students. Some goals include: creating better study habits, gaining a healthier lifestyle on campus, or getting more involved in campus activities. Goal setting is very important in college because it will help students stay on track during the upcoming semester. However, some goals may be a little unrealistic. It’s important that goals follow the SMART goal template. Their goals should be ‘S’pecific, ‘M’easurable, ‘A’chievable, ‘R’ealistic, and ‘T’imely. This will ensure that their goals are not simply hopes and they will eventually accomplish them. For example, a goal that does not follow the template would be “I want to be healthier”. Of course this is a great goal to have, but a goal that follows a SMART goal template would be more detailed such as “To be healthier, I am going to eat three healthy meals a day and go to the gym twice a week for 30 minutes. I will make this a habit within one month.” As you can see, the second is much more specific, has a timeline, and is realistic, which will ultimately help them get to the end of their goal. Whatever your student has in mind for the upcoming semester and year, make sure you support them and check in on how they are pursing their goals. As a student, their schedule is very hectic and it can be overwhelming at times, but having a loved one check in on what they want to accomplish will help them get there!

Along with goals, the new semester is approaching quickly and there’s a lot for students to do in order to prepare to come back to college. Students should not wait until the last minute to start prepping because waiting until the last minute to do anything is stressful! Students should be in the process of finalizing their schedule for Spring semester and if they need help to do so, they should schedule an appointment with their advisor as soon as possible. Students have the opportunity to change their schedule with little hassle in the first week of classes, so if they still need time they have it. Along with their schedules, it is important to make sure their finances are in order and if there are any questions, encourage them to reach out to financial aid or the bursar’s office. Another thing they should keep in mind is making sure to have everything they need for their dorm/apartment, supplies if they need new ones, and start ordering textbooks for their new classes. As you can see, coming back to the semester is a lot of work and can be stressful, but if they are organized and on top of it, it should be a smooth transition back.

Not everything about starting a new semester is stressful; it should be exciting! Students have the opportunity to join clubs, get a job if they want to, and bring their GPA up if it is not where they want it to be! A new semester is not exactly a new start because they have completed their first semester, but it brings the opportunity to learn from their last semester and bring it along with them during the upcoming. Freshman year is all about students finding their rhythm and this experience is different for all students.  To help your student, encourage them to pursue what they want to in the upcoming semester. They know what they need to do in order to have a good second semester of college and support is one thing they definitely need! Students have access to tons of supportive resources on campus to help them pursue their goals.

Winter break is a great time for focusing on things outside of college, but this can lead to getting out of the swing of things. As they come back, along with creating goals and prepping, they should be focusing on maintaining a balance of school and their wellbeing. Even though the first few weeks of school are usually a little mellow, they should start making healthy routines to ensure when things get stressful, they are ready for it. They should map out time in their week that is dedicated to studying, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and free time for doing things they enjoy. In college, it is difficult to find a balance with conflicting priorities, so it takes time to find what works. It is definitely helpful for students to have loved ones that are supportive and remind them to take breaks once in awhile and focus on themselves.

As the new semester approaches take the time to talk with your student and be there if they need help in any way. Some students need more help than others, but don’t be too intrusive if they have things covered. That is obviously easier said than done because you are their parent or loved one and you want the best for them, but trust your student to be responsible and will start off the new semester on the right foot! College is for students to learn how to do things by themselves and become more independent, but gentle reminders never hurt. The best thing to do at this time is to be understanding and help your student transition back into their college routine.


Keeping it Fresh

21 Dec

It’s the end of a very long, very eventful 2017. Right around this time is when we, as ever-growing individuals, begin to reflect on the nearly finished year and on ourselves. It’s when we realize that, yes we could have been better in some aspects, but that despite that there was (hopefully) a lot of learning and growth that came out on top. Above all, the end of a year is about closing some doors and opening new ones–giving ourselves a fresh start.

In my three years at the university, I’ve found that I’ve learned more than I thought I would. Definitely more than I’ve ever learned before, especially outside of the classroom. Of course we all kind of learn similar things: self-reliance, making sure to feed ourselves, maybe some budgeting here and there. Those are all valuable skills to acquire as a young adult. However, I like to admire the character growth of people over the year as well. Whether we like it or not, we learn a lot about the kind of people we are during the course of a year. The spaces for growth and an appreciation for the qualities that make us good are both things that should be a part of the process of closing welcoming a new year.

Reflect on this year. Take the things that you have learned and apply them to your future self so that you may be better in all the things that you do. Most importantly though, as you do this be open. Take things easy and keep things light. There is no need to be too harsh or too demanding of oneself as we push ourselves to be greater than we were in 2017.

Best of luck and happy holidays,


Apply to Be an Orientation and Welcome Leader!

20 Dec

A day in the life of an Orientation and Welcome Leader is varied and high-energy. In this position, you spend your time speaking to different groups of people ranging from new students and parents to advisors and faculty members. Coming into work each day requires a certain level of adaptability and a willingness to be flexible and prioritize your time as new tasks come in. Some days are all about thinking on your feet and answering any questions new students throw at you, and other days you are working with advisors and professional staff behind the scenes to make sure Orientation goes smoothly. The best part about this job is the new challenges you get to tackle each day as an OWL!

If you have school spirit, this is the position to be in! There are new ways every day to show your Wildcat pride! Each orientation day starts with the Bear Down fight song before check in and there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing a new student share how excited they are to partake in the U of A traditions that we all know and love. OWLs get a lot of opportunities each summer that other Wildcats only dream about! This past summer’s training involved a tour of the Arizona Athletics facilities! During Orientation season, the OWLs also got to meet University President Dr. Robbins at a luncheon to discuss their favorite things at the U of A!

Things you’ll do as Orientation and Welcome Leader:

Orientation season is upon us, Wildcats, and if you’re looking for a summer job that won’t stick you in an office all day, Orientation might be for you. Here are some situations you might be familiar with if you work an Orientation session:

1. You see all of the new students at check in and think “Look how cute they are—wait I never looked that young, right?!”


2. You get excited every time you hear Bear Down (even when you hear it 10 times a day).


3. Feeling like a genius when you help a freshman get their perfect schedule.


4. Reassuring parents that their student will be fine because you haven’t died yet, and if you can do it anyone can.


5. Finding a new building on campus and thinking “I’ve been here for years, when did they put that there?”


6. Befriending all of the people at the library Starbucks because the new students don’t know about it yet and coffee is life but long lines aren’t.


7.  Pretending to know all of the things while slowly realizing that you know nothing.


8. But learning how to find all of the things and then becoming a walking U of A encyclopedia.


9. Watching the incoming class enter their first year and feeling weirdly like a proud parent.


If you love the UA and don’t care who knows it, visit our website to apply.

Bear Down & Happy Holidays!

Orientation 2018 Team

Staying Productive During Break

14 Dec

Hey, Wildcats! The end of the semester is finally here! Classes are ending, finals are approaching, and you’re probably starting to mentally check out. While it’s nice to recognize your accomplishments this semester, you also shouldn’t completely flip that mental switch into relaxation mode. It’s never to early to think ahead to next semester, and start preparing for the challenges of the future. Staying productive over break can help you stay on track, and make the transition from play to work much easier.


It’s so easy to sleep half the day and watch Netflix until 9 pm when you don’t have to worry about studying anymore but there are tons of ways to stay productive during break to avoid that beginning-of-the-semester slump when spring comes around!

  1. Start a project. With no school work to tend to, many students try to do as little as possible during break. After such a long fall semester, it’s a relief to sit back and enjoy your free time. Starting a new project to work on – no matter how big or small – can help you ease into the spring semester much easier. Projects will help you keep your work flow alive, and in the long run, help you get back into the swing of university life!
  2. Maintain your sleep schedule. This may be one of the toughest things to do during break. Why would you go to sleep by 10 pm if you could go out and party until 3 am every day? While staying up late occasionally can be refreshing for some, you don’t want to have a messed up sleep schedule once the spring semester comes around. Fixing your body’s internal clock is one of the toughest things to do, especially over the course of a day or two. Avoid this hassle by keeping a steady sleep schedule.giphy-downsized
  3. Set goals during the break. Start and finish a new book, explore a place you’ve never been to, or write a fictional story. Giving yourself things to work towards during break helps you stay busy and productive, and will help you avoid procrastination in the semesters to come.
  4. Prepare yourself for Spring semester. One of the worst things you can do for yourself as a college student is come into class unprepared. Take the time the read the syllabi for your classes early, grab some books and materials, and even get ahead on some readings. Show initiative and enthusiasm and it will pay off in the long run!giphy-downsized
  5. Stay active. This is definitely one of the harder things to do when Netflix and your couch is calling your name. Make sure you stay active during the break to stay healthy, happy, and productive. Go for a run once a day, take a yoga class, or even ride your bike through your favorite neighborhood. Staying active will maintain productivity for the spring semester.

As students, we all dread returning to school after the holidays. Relaxing and giving yourself a pat on the back for all the hard work done this semester is important. But by remaining productive and keeping a positive outlook, the spring semester can turn out to be amazing and it will help you in the long run!