#MiddlingMarch: Con(drag)ulations

22 Mar

Ladies, start your engines… 

Graduation is closer than I thought it would be! And if we’re being honest as of this. exact. moment., it’s the one thing keeping me motivated and pushing through the “mid-semester slump” this March.

The mid-semester slump comes for all of us. If you’re not feeling like you’re running on fumes by this point in the school year (even AFTER spring break) then you’re probably not even a real human. Anyways, for the all the real humans, I’m sure you can relate because up until this week I was feeling it. But you know what’s starting to get me through it? The thought of finally graduating in a couple of months!

I’m finally getting busy putting together graduation outfits, pictures, cap and gown… Even the not so fun stuff like audits and dishing those last few dollars the university tries to squeeze out of all of us near the completion of our degree. All these things are a terrifying yet comforting reminder that life as an undergrad is coming to close.

The idea here is: keep pushing past the slumpy times in the semesters because the slumpy times and the proactive times are both going to get you to commencement no matter what. 

The awareness of knowing that the end of my time here at the UA is almost over (interestingly enough) is encouraging me to try my very darndest.

I don’t want to risk not graduating because of a failed class LOL.

Anyways, a reminder to push through the middle of March. I know it’s a hard time, we’re tired, over it, done. But we still need to finish with a bang. Let’s make these last few weeks count as we race to the finish line!

And may the best man… win.



Parent Blog 11: Mid-Semester Lull

22 Mar

With Spring Break being over, and less than 8 weeks left in the semester, students often struggle with getting over the “mid-semester lull.” Most students find themselves being a little ‘slow’ when it comes to getting things done because they’re exhausted from midterms, stress, and day-to-day responsibilities.

Your student may be feeling this way at the moment.

Although this may be, there are three important areas that students need to focus on this semester.

Fall 2018 Registration

The most stressful thing about the middle of the semester for most students is the need to register for Fall courses. Your student may be stressed because they don’t know what courses they need for next semester, or how to find out. The first thing your student needs to do is to make sure they are keeping up with the credits that they need to have to stay on track for graduation. Your student can make sure they are on track by meeting with their advisor, or checking UAccess. Students often forget that they can add classes to their shopping cart before the registration date. Adding classes to the shopping cart makes registration morning much easier and less stressful. Registration opens at 6am; this means that students can click the ‘register’ button for all of their classes in their cart. Although this doesn’t seem too stressful, many underclassman classes have capacity limits, and more than likely, your student may not get the classes they are looking for. Do not worry, though! Students can register for the waitlist for those classes, and they can also speak to their advisors about what to do next.

Ensuring your student that it isn’t the end of the world, is the most important step. Your student’s stress levels may increase, but it’s important that you remind them that where there is a will, there is a way. The University has many different ways for students to stay on track!

Getting Over the Semester Lull

The weeks after Spring Break and before Summer Break are the hardest weeks for students; they have been working hard and stressing for almost a whole year. Students find themselves low on motivation, and slow when it comes to staying on top of their duties. This is the part where parents need to remind students that they are so close to the finish line. The first year of college is almost done! Keeping your student motivated may seem like an odd request, but oftentimes students forget that other people believe in them too. Reminding your student that you believe in them and that their efforts are not unnoticed may give them that morale boost they need.

Spring Fling

The best thing for your student to get over the mid-semester lull is to relax! Spring Fling is the opportunity for your student to have safe and adventurous fun! Spring Fling is an event the University has where carnival rides, games, and food are brought on campus for one weekend. Many of the student clubs work the different booths, and it’s an event that rallies the entire student body. Your student will be able to buy tickets for food, games, and rides, or wristbands to ride the rides for an unlimited time for the day. Spring Fling is a great opportunity for your student to relax, unwind, and have some fun! It is open to the entire community (at an entry fee if you are not a University of Arizona student) and is happening from April 13-15th! The website has more details if needed, and we hope to see your student and you there!

With that in mind, I hope you will be able to help your stressed student!



#MiddlingMarch: Into the Woods

20 Mar

Raise your hand if you are in a school slump!


Don’t worry – I am raising my hand too!

Let’s face it, it’s the middle of the semester and we’re exhausted, stressed out, and unmotivated. So what do you do in order to get out of the mid-semester lull? Well… you do something that makes you feel inspired, relaxed, and energized to make it to the end of the semester. Sounds easy right??? 

WRONG! It is SOOOO difficult to find motivation after you have misplaced it. I have been struggling with motivation lately, some may call it senoritis others say laziness, but either way, I NEED to pick myself up and be inspired again. The thing that I always turn to when I am in this mood is to get out of my house and get away from technology. I feel like I always have my face in my phone or my computer and I get really frustrated because I am so distracted from the physical world. When I start to feel like this, I hop in my car with my best friend and boyfriend, Casey, and take a trip to Mt. Lemmon. giphy.gif
Is it the fresh air in my lungs, the wind blowing my hair, or the trees around me? I don’t know, but when I step foot outside all my stress disappears. I feel free as a bird and ready to explore the wilderness. Last time we went up we hiked for about three or four hours and I was in paradise. There were little piles of snow scattered across the land, trees that towered over the mountain tops, and we even saw four deer in the area we were hiking. The area we hiked was absolutely stunning. It was also refreshing to be out of the house and out of the Tucson heat. I wish I could have this feeling all of the time, but the chaos of life always overwhelms me. After our excursion and feeling on top of the world, I talked to Casey about how much better I felt about life. We both agreed to plan more day trips to get out of our element and into the woods.

I encourage you to find your “woods”. Find the thing that lets you escape your stress and spikes your motivation. It could be diving into a wonderful book, taking a shopping trip, or driving around town. Life and college are ALWAYS stressful and you deserve to have time to yourself that relieves you from your tension. Good luck with finding your motivation and pushing through to the end of the year. YOU GOT THIS!!! 🙂 



#MiddlingMarch: Don’t Let March Meddle with You

15 Mar

Getting homesick is almost inevitable in March. Unless you went home for Spring Break, you are most likely in the same boat as me. Spring Break was fantastic, and I hope all of you had a wonderful time; however, one small qualm that I have with Spring Break is that it’s always so busy. Since there’s only a week of it, I feel this pressure to take advantage of the time, and then I end up planning out some type of event for every single moment. I don’t want to say I have any regrets about this, but I will say that Monday right after break was not exactly the best day in the world for me.

But back to homesickness!! Since I did spend my break with friends rather than family, I have to admit I’m really beginning to miss my crew back home. I don’t know what all of you do to combat homesickness but for me there are three pivotal steps:

  1. First, I let myself be sad. Now, don’t let this get out of control, but if I miss my family, I like to watch videos that I have taken with my little brother and flip through pictures of all of us on Facebook or on my phone. Don’t be afraid of that nostalgia!
  2. Next, I make sure to allot time to talk to different family members. My sister graduated a couple years ago, and she is working as a consultant now, so sometimes it can be hard to find time when we are both free, but it’s just a matter of scheduling it out. On the other hand, my brother who just recently became a teenager, is not always keen on long talks on the phone. So sometimes I try to FaceTime my mom during times when I know he will be home, just so I can catch a glimpse of him. All of this applies to friends back home too!! One really hard thing about branching off from your friends in high school is that you all get so busy. There’s nothing wrong with that; these are busy times. But if you genuinely miss someone, make sure to reach out — I’m sure they would be so happy to hear from you.
  3. Lastly, I go out and do something fun. Being homesick is completely normal and all, but there’s no point in dwelling in something you can’t change. SO RECENTLY I WENT AND SAW BLACK PANTHER. I am a big movie person, and I feel like going to see a movie is the perfect way to treat yourself during the week because you can allocate that specific amount of time out without getting too wild. It was such a good movie, so I highly recommend taking a break and checking it out. Go get some ice cream with a friend or catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while over lunch — just take a break and have fun. We are in college, so we deserve to have fun!

That’s all I have for now; I hope you all make it through this March and the rest of the year smoothly!

-Amna 🙂

#MiddlingMarch: Time with Friends

15 Mar

We’re at the point in the semester when things just seem rough. Spring break is over but summer seems so far away. With every assignment you finish and test you take, there’s another one right around the corner to take its place. It can be really hard to find motivation and not get stuck in a rut in the middle of the semester. It’s really important to find things that are going to help motivate you and keep you going through the second half of the semester. For me, that’s making time to hang out with my friends.

I have a really busy schedule, so if I’m not intentional about seeing my friends it doesn’t happen. This makes it really hard to get through my week because it means a lot of times alone in my routine. While it can be so easy during this part of the semester to bury myself in work, hen I make the time to see my friends it really make a huge difference in my week. It helps me de-stress, relax, have fun, and get poured into. My friends are great about encouraging me, supporting me, and just loving me well. This not only improves my mood, but gives me a much needed break and puts me in a better mindset to be productive.

What helps you get through the mid-semester rut? If you don’t have something, you should probably take some time to explore what works for you. You don’t want to burn out before the end of the semester. Try a new workout routine, a hobby, meditation, arts and crafts, reading for fun, or something else to get your mind of school and work. You’ll be surprised how much happier and more energized you’ll feel to help you finish the year strong!

Happy Spring!


The Priority Registration Burger

14 Mar

When I was a freshman, I thought I could handle registration on my own. I could use my own judgment on which classes I can take because it’s ultimately up to me right? This was my mindset as I went into registration week and I had no idea that I was completely unprepared. I only had my five classes in my shopping cart without any backup and to my dismay, they were all filled a few seconds after it hit 6:00am. I tried to reassure myself that everything was ok, there was still time!
After refreshing the page, the whole system was offline because there were so many other freshmen trying to register at the same time I was. As this happened, I called my friend who was also up to register if she got into any of her classes and if she was even able to register. She and I were in the same boat of being helpless.giphy.gifOnce the system came back online, another bomb is dropped, all of the 8:00am sections for my BNAD class were full. This meant I had to rework my ENTIRE course schedule. At this point, I was over the entire registration process and almost decided to quit. giphy-3.gifFeeling frustrated, I decided to step away from my laptop and ask my older sister what to do because she has been in my shoes before. She recommended me to see if there is a waitlist for the section I want and to make an appointment with my advisor. She said I was overreacting and:giphy-1.gifI appreciated her advice, but I was a little uncertain about actually going through with it. I knew I could see if there was a waitlist on UAccess, but meeting with my advisor was another story. At this time, I was very shy at talking to anyone so any interaction, especially with someone who had high authority, made me very nervous. giphy-4.gifI decided that the best option would be to speak with my advisor, so I sucked it up and made an appointment. Walking in, I felt embarrassed. I was curious what my advisor would say and maybe they would laugh at me because I was a college student who couldn’t even register for classes correctly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My advisor was very nice, helpful, and reassured me that many students had difficulty with registering. My advisor helped me reorganize my schedule in order to make sure I was enrolled in BNAD as well as kept my other classes in my shopping cart that could work if the 8:00am section opened up. I WAS THRILLED! Not only did I have a complete schedule, but she said I had through the first week of classes to revise my schedule. Meeting my advisor was definitely the smart thing to do and the next day I thanked my sister a million times.giphy-2.gifFrom that point on, I have never tried to register for classes on my own. I ALWAYS seek advice from my advisor before my priority registration date. I make an appointment even though everyone else in my major is trying to do the same thing because I want to make sure the classes I am taking are bringing me closer to graduation. I have had three different majors during my time here at the U of A and thanks to great advisors I am still graduating in four years which was my goal! There are so many things I have learned from meeting with my advisor especially about priority registration, so do yourself a favor a make an appointment before your priority registration date!


Good Luck! -Courtney


#MiddlingMarch: GO GET PIERCED

14 Mar

When it comes to keeping motivation at a high – especially after Spring Break and before midterms – I am usually at the end of the snooze spectrum. I lack almost all motivation and all drive to get anything done.

This March, my idea to get my up and up was to get my ears pierced again. LOL.

I’m not saying I enjoy pain, necessarily, I just enjoy getting pierced HA. It’s something I’ve always done when I feel bored or mellowed out. It brings some sort of excitement into my week and has me looking forward to the next week.

This might not be for everyone, but, if you’re down with getting some needles stabbed into your body, Sacred Art down 6th St. has a buy one, get one free piercing charge! If you’re looking for one piercing, grab a friend and both you of you can get something pierced for $28!

I’m not saying go get everything pierced, and feel pain, but, honestly, it helps me look forward to something. I usually will do it on the weekends, so I motivate myself with the thought of getting something pierced to get me through the week.

So, with this in mind, maybe go get something pierced – if you’re willing – and have a good march through March!


enjoy this picture of my ear

Stay beautiful, happy March!


Tips for Traveling Safe

2 Mar

Spring Break is finally here. I’m sure you all have some great plans lined up — whether that be returning home for the week, staying here and relaxing, or taking a trip with your friends. Hopefully, wherever you end up and whatever you end up doing is both fun and allows you to destress from the semester. One awesome thing about Spring Break is that it allows you to recuperate your energy so that when you return, you’re ready to tackle the rest of the semester. But also, it’s time to have fun!

If you are taking a trip with friends, please do your best to stay safe. There are so many ways you can prepare before heading off on your adventures and taking these precautions is the best way to ensure your break runs as smoothly as possible. Below are some tips on how I personally like travelling with friends.

  1. First off, how are you getting there?
    • If you’re flying, who is picking you up? Do you have your passport or other form of ID? Check and check again before leaving. Print your boarding pass or at least double check to make sure your airline emailed it to you, and you can access it from your phone.
    • If you’re driving, are you taking a reliable car? Consider having your car or your friend’s car checked out especially if you know you will be driving a long ways. Also, are you and your friends splitting the cost of gas? Pro tip: If you don’t have Venmo… Get Venmo.
  2. Make sure you’re travelling with trustworthy friends. At this point, you probably can’t exactly change the group you are travelling with, but my hope is that you are with a group of trustworthy individuals! Be a good friend is what I mean here. Don’t leave anyone behind if you’re going to a club or something along those lines. Use the buddy system at the very least. Establish some kind of protocol for ensuring everyone is safe — it doesn’t have to be complicated, maybe it’s just a quick text check in! Also, consider adding your friends on Find My Friends!
  3. Don’t way until the last minute to pack! If you’re going to be out at the beach or in the sun, pack sunscreen. Try to think about what you all are planning for each of the days you will be on vacation, and pack according to the needs of your activities per day. If you’re feeling especially organized, make a check list!
  4. Be cautious of your surroundings. This may sound a little obvious, but if you’re in a new place, and you seem lost — you become a target of sorts. Try to do your research on where you’re going, and plan out your day to day activities to the best of your ability. Keep your head up and look out for one another!

All right, that’s all I have for now. Have a great Spring Break, Wildcats!

-Amna 🙂


It’s The Future You Can See

1 Mar

Everyone has goals, whether they are aware of them or not. Whether your goals are academic, financial, health and fitness, or something else – your choices determine whether you will achieve them. No matter where you are in your goal timeline, it is always good to check in with yourself periodically.

Step 1: Evaluate your current situation
Think back to the original goal that you set for yourself. Now look at where you are in relation to that goal at this current moment in time. Sometimes, you’re going to have an “OH SNAP” moment when you realize that you are wayyyyyyy off track. That’s okay, it’s better to know that what you’re doing is not working than to keep going on your current path. Now evaluate what you need to be successful, do you need more accountability or are you lacking the resources to succeed?


giphy (1)

Sometimes it feels like life hits you like this. It’s totally normal, you just have to get back up.

Step 2: Evaluate the quality and importance of your goal.
Now that you know where you are, take a hard look at the goal you’re trying to achieve. Is it realistic and achievable? Read about SMART goals and consider revising your goal. You may need to completely abandon your goal and try something new if you realize that it isn’t that important to you, or it could be helpful to break up a larger goal into several short-term ones. Visualize what it will be like when you achieve your goal to find your motivation.


Step 3: Determine what changes need to be made
This is the hardest part, and you have to be brutally honest with yourself. In order to achieve goals, there will be changes that need to be made in your lifestyle. This is why you need to set achievable goals because making change is HARD. You’re going to have some days that are extremely successful and other where you have some setbacks.


giphy (1)

Step 4: Get your game plan together
Congrats, you’ve already done the bulk of the work! Now you just have to lay out what changes you will implement when, get your support system ready to go, and get started TODAY. Trust me, do not put it off because you will not be as motivated if you wait, I know it from experience.

Repeat this process as often as needed until you’ve achieved your goals. Good luck!



Registration Preparation

28 Feb

With registration right around the corner, it’s hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done in order to be ready and get the classes you want and need. Getting everything done at the right time is key, so here’s a timeline to keep you on track.

  • As soon as possible– find out when your registration day is.
  • 1 week before the shopping cart opens– make an appointment with your academic advisor to go over what you need to take and make sure that your 4-year plan is on track. After this appointment, nail down what you’re going to take for the semester.
  • The day the shopping cart opens– find what days/times the classes you want are available and make a list or spreadsheet of all the times your classes are offered.
  • The week before registration– plan out 2-3 possible class schedules with all of the times/days your classes are at and make sure everything you need to take can fit in your schedule. It’s important to have several schedules planned in case classes fill up before you can register.
  • At least one week prior to registration– see if any of the classes you want to take need special permission to enroll (department or advisor permission). Also, make sure you have no holds on your account that will prevent you from registering.
  • The weekend before registration– put all of your classes form your top choice plan in your shopping cart.
  • The morning of registration– wake up at 5:45 to get your computer up and running and make sure that all of your classes are in your cart.
  • 6:00 on registration day– press enroll! Don’t refresh the page after you do. It’s loading even if it take a few minutes and refreshing the page could make you have to start over.
  • Later on registration day– if you didn’t get into all of the classes you wanted, refer to your backup plan and try to get into as many of your necessary classes as possible, even if it’s not the time/professor you want. If you needed further permission that you didn’t know about, email your advisor with issues. BE PATIENT for them to get back because this is the busiest time of the year for them.
  • Months following registration– if you didn’t get into the classes you wanted because they were full, check periodically on UAccess to see if spots have opened up. With everyone moving classes around, spots open up in the class you want.

I hope this can help you have a smooth and successful registration! Good luck!