To cheat or not to cheat?

25 Oct

Prepare yourself. I am climbing onto a soapbox with this post. It’s about that time of year where some students start to feel the academic pressure boiling over. College can be tough. You may have three tests, a research paper, and lab report all due a month into the semester! Some students resort to cheating because they are used to doing well in high school classes and become desperate once college doesn’t go as planned.

My advice? Don’t cheat! It won’t lead to good things. Watch one episode of Saved by the Bell, and you’ll know Zack never wins that battle.

I found this article today about Duke’s football players who are currently on probation this season for academic integrity violations. This may not be the first time athletes have had academic issues, but the article brings up an interesting point. Our generation has grown up with too much information readily available on the Internet, which tempts us to cheat more than students 30 years ago. Although this may be true, it doesn’t justify cheating. If you didn’t create the idea yourself, you probably found it somewhere. Your professor will never be upset by a lengthy bibliography, but he may place a red flag on your permanent record for plagiarism. When in doubt, cite your work and rack up some good karma points for acting ethically.

If that doesn’t encourage you enough, take a glance at UA’s Code of Conduct. To put it lightly, this institution frowns upon cheating.

That’s it, I’m stepping down and putting the soapbox back in my closet.


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