Start Today, Don’t Delay

30 Jan

“None of the jobs that I’ve had since graduating from college EVER asked me about my GPA, but every single one asked about the experiences that make me a good candidate when I was interviewing. And practically all of those experiences were things that stemmed from what I did in college with clubs or volunteering.” My response to what my cousin was telling me was a long, drawn-out “Ohhhhhh… I see…”

Back to the drawing board. Apparently I was going about getting prepared for the job market the wrong way. In high school, I never joined any clubs because I figured that getting a 4.0 was all that really mattered. No extracurriculars made their way into my schedule. This prevailed during my first semester of college, too. Then I started hearing the same thing from everyone. Involvement > GPA. (Don’t misinterpret this and think that grades don’t mean anything. They’re obviously still super important!)

I quickly joined the club that was related to my major. And you know what? I can say it’s been a life-saver. I got to bond with awesome people while doing volunteer work for local non-profits. Many upperclassmen in the club shared with me which professors I should avoid, how I could apply for internships and research positions, and other insightful tips. Not only that, but all of that volunteering that I did with the club seriously beefed up what would have otherwise been a very scrawny grad school application.

Our generation has a kind of awkward situation with “work”. Recent graduates go out feeling like college should have prepared them enough to easily obtain a lucrative yet meaningful job. Sad part is, for a good number of them whatever job pays the bills (degree-needed or not) is what they end up settling for.

I’ll leave the scary statistics out of this for now because we’re not going to need them, right? Let’s beat the numbers. Let’s join that club. Let’s volunteer there. Let’s get involved.


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