Registration Holds … They Can Happen to You!

26 Oct

Registering for classes can be a stressful time, especially if you have account holds that are preventing you from enrolling in classes.

Before you can register for classes, you should make sure that any balances are taken care of.  You don’t want to find out the morning of April 15th that you can’t enroll because of a hold.

Here are some tips on how to check and take care of account holds:

  • You can find out if you have any by logging into UAccess.  The first box in the upper-right corner is labelled “Notices & Holds” on  your home page.  If there are any notices or holds, you can find out more about them by clicking “details” below.  Here, it will list all of the items, and you can click on the one you are interested in to find out all of the details.

If you don’t have any holds, great! If you do, don’t panic!

  • Holds can range from a variety of issues and locations on campus. Some common holds are due to a past due balance somewhere on campus, or missing information that the University needs.  It is important to try to figure out where the hold is coming from so you can take care of it.  For example, if your hold is because of a late library charge, you would contact the library to pay it (if you cannot pay it through your Bursar’s).  If Campus Health is missing your vaccination record, you would contact Campus Health with any questions concerning the hold.

Remember, if you don’t know who to contact about your hold, ask!  You can even ask your Outreach Facilitator. Don’t just ignore the problem, because it will not just go away.

– Blog written by Tori (Outreach Facilitator)


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