Finals Do’s and Do Not’s

17 Nov

Do… take breaks from studying to get your mind off class material.  Go watch your favorite TV show, get in some retail therapy, or play some video games… anything that will stop you from thinking about school for a few hours.

Do… use your time management skills to plan out your studying and map out a plan of attack.  Make sure that you follow it strictly so that you can get through all the material.

Do… create study groups to go through material that you aren’t familiar with.

Do… make use of the days you don’t have exams instead of relaxing all day or “partying”.  Those days are perfect for studying so you don’t have to cram.  You have the rest of the semester and break to enjoy yourself!

Do… back up your work when doing projects! Make sure to save it in several places and not just on a USB/Flash drive! It’s a busy time and things often go wrong so make sure you are ready for it.

Do… get rid of distractions.  Turn off your cell phone, leave your iPad or iPod locked in a drawer and focus on what needs to be done.  You will thank yourself later when you ace your test because you weren’t on Facebook every two minutes!

Do… arrive to the exam on time and prepared.  If you have to, set multiple alarms and set up your pencils, calculators and anything else you may need the night before so you can pick them up and head to the test!

Do Not… cram all your material into an all-nighter.  Not being able to concentrate during your test can really mess up your grade and to be honest, you won’t be studying at the early hours of the morning; you will be mindlessly staring at YouTube videos.

Do Not… overstress or surround yourself with overstressed people who will freak you out more.  Be calm and carry on!

Do Not… rely on energy drinks, powders, or candy, or use alcohol or prescription medications like Adderall to help you focus.  Save your health and get some sleep instead to recuperate and get you ready to study and rock your exams

Do Not… forget to take care of your body.  Exercise for a little while every day or every few days and make sure you are eating healthy foods that are going to help you concentrate and push through.

Do Not… forget to eat regularly and skip meals.  You are never too busy to eat OR sleep so make sure you plan those into your schedule.

Do Not… be too relaxed.  You want to do as well on your finals as you can especially since they can be a huge part of your grade.  Make sure you understand how the final will affect your grade .

Do Not… dwell on the exam after it is over.  Forget it! If you really feel uncomfortable, see if the professor has time to meet with you at a later date to discuss the exam and grades with you.

Do Not… start checking for your grades the day after the exam- give the professors and TA’s enough time to grade the exams and look at the distribution of grades before expecting them to be up on D2L..


One Response to “Finals Do’s and Do Not’s”

  1. MARY JANE November 19, 2012 at 3:14 PM #

    loool@ staring at youtube videos in the morning when you pull an all nighter to study. Truer words have never been spoken!

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