We’re so Close to Closing Out the Semester!

22 Nov

Hey Wildcats!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your first semester here at the University of Arizona! I know that when Finals come, I really start looking forward to going back home for the holidays. But as the semester comes to a close, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Many of you have meal plans. The money on all of these will carry over into the spring semester. However, Commuter meal plans are the only ones that will continue to carry over into additional semesters if you still have money left at the end of next semester.
  • Registration! Many students are still trying to register for classes, but have been held up by holds on their account, mostly advising or bursar’s holds. If this is the case, try not to stress too much. Get that taken care of ASAP but remember, you have until the first week of classes to continue rearranging your schedule to something you are happy with. If you have a scholarship that requires you have a certain number of credits, be sure to at least sign up for classes so that you will get the funds that you need. You can always adjust later.
  • Many of you may also be ready to declare or change your major. If this is you, contact your desired major’s department, because many have their own process for declaring. You will then have to go through administration to un-declare your previous major if you had one.
  • Some of you may not be returning in the spring. Make sure to drop all of your courses on UAccess or you may be charged next semester.
  • Some of you may also be considering retaking classes to improve your grades. Everything you need to know about grade replacement opportunities (GRO) are at this website: http://registrar.arizona.edu/gro.
  • For those of you who did not do as well as you hoped in your courses, this is also a great time to rethink strategies for studying, how to deal with distractions, etc. Finding it difficult to study in your room? Try the library or a coffee shop. Try new ways of going over your notes, like copying them or creating flashcards. Form a study group or get help from ThinkTank or your TAs and preceptors. There are plenty of ways to improve your study skills! Keep trying something until you find what works best for you!
  • For those of you living in residence halls, all halls will close at 12 noon on Saturday, December 15, 2012. For those of you who are returning to your hall in the spring semester, you may leave all of your belongings in your room. If you are not, you and all of your stuff must be gone by this time. Residence halls will open again January 6, 2013 at noon, and your spring semester rent is due on January 9. (Side note: If you are planning to live in a residence hall next year as well, the application is now available online!)

Hope this information helps, Wildcats! Good luck with your finals, and remember, BEAR DOWN!


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