Scheduling During Your Final Exams

23 Nov

Believe it or not finals are coming up! To make this week less stressful, you should look up your finals schedule now, so you can start preparing. Remember the last day of regular classes is Wednesday, Dec. 5th, 2012. After that your schedule will completely change. Thursday, December 6th is Reading Day (AKA “dead day”) on campus when there are no classes or finals—just a day to gather yourself and relax. If your professor has not told you differently, your final will be given during the Final Exam week that starts Friday, December 7 th and ends Thursday, December 13th. Your exam will not be given during your regular class time during that week.

The best way to find out when and where your final will be held is in your class syllabus that was handed out the first day of classes. If you just can’t find that piece of paper after all this time don’t worry, it should be posted on your class’s D2L page. If your syllabus doesn’t have your final exam information on it, that’s okay too. There is a Final Exam Schedule on the UA website. As you can see, the schedules are separated by when your class regularly meets throughout the semester. Say your physiology class meets Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday. You want to choose the first schedule link. Maybe your art class meets Tuesday and/or Thursday. You want the second schedule link. You get the idea. Once you get to the right schedule all you need to do if use the time class meets and scroll right to find out the date and time of your final exam. If your class regularly meets after the hour say at 9:30, then you will use 9:00 as your class time. The location of your final exam is your regular classroom unless your professor has said otherwise in the syllabus or during class.

Many of you may be in large general education classes like CHEM 151 or SPAN 101. These classes schedule common final exams so all of the course sections take the exam together. Check your syllabus or this Final Exam Schedule to see if your course has a common final time. The location for this exam is most likely not your regular classroom, so your professor should have given you the location on their syllabus or during class.

Now that you’ve found out what your finals schedule looks like you may come across a few snags. If you discover that you have two finals at the same time, don’t worry the solution is simple. Talk to the professor who teaches the smaller of those two classes and explain that you need a different test time. This is University policy, so you shouldn’t have a problem rescheduling. If after forming your schedule you find that you have four or more finals all in one day, you can take care of that, too. Again, ask the professor of the smallest class to schedule a different time when you can take the exam.

If you take the time now to plan out that last week of the semester, you will feel much more prepared and calm about finals. To help de-stress even further start going through your class material now. It’s never too early to start studying so that you can take “dead day” off to do something fun. You’ll feel much better after a break, and you’ll do better on your exams than if you crammed.

Happy studying and good luck on all your finals!


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