First Semester Knock You Down? Just Keep Swimming!

20 Jan

Did your first semester not go as well as you planned? I was a freshman once, and I know what that feeling is like. That feeling can be really frustrating, but don’t stress yet. As long as you keep trying, things will get better!  Just keep swimming!

In this post I will talk to you about what I did to get back on track after a difficult first semester of college. These things worked for me, and I hope they will work for you too.  Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Keep a planner and know when all of your deadlines are. Set realistic time goals to meet these deadlines.  For example, instead of just knowing when your exams are, mark down when you should start studying.  Do the same thing for big papers and projects.
  • Utilize all your resources on campus.  Try something new this semester.  If you have never been to a professor’s office hours or the ThinkTank, you may not know what you are fully capable of achieving as a student.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate on going to your professors office hours. There is no need to be intimidated, so try it out! At the beginning of the semester you should visit your professor just to introduce yourself.  After that, keep a list of questions that you have based on class lectures, assignments, etc.  If you can’t find the answers to these questions on your own, stop by and talk to your professor.  They are happy to meet with students who put forth a lot of effort.
  • Start studying for exams early!
  • Make friends with people in your classes in case you have to miss a day of school or want to form a study group.  Friends can help you out if you miss a class session, and they are also good people to talk to about lecture material.  Oftentimes, other students can explain information in a way that helps you to understand better.
  • Take time off for yourself. Too much studying can be detrimental if you are not taking care of yourself. As you start a new semester, remember that your health comes first. Make sure you get enough rest, and exercise as well.

Customize this list to fit yourself! Also, if you ever need help or just a little extra support, you can always contact your Outreach Facilitator.  We can provide you with even more (personalized) suggestions for ways to succeed (call us at 520-621-6815).

I know you can do this. And when you think you can’t … Just Keep Swimming!

Best wishes,



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