Roommate Selection 101

2 Feb

To Find a Roommate:

1)      Make a list of the qualities you wish to find in a roommate

2)      Ask friends and family if they have any suggestions

3)      Post fliers around campus

4)      Take advantage of the “Find a Roommate” tool on the Off Campus Housing Website:

5)      Interview those who are interested- local coffee shop etc.

Questions for Potential Roomies:

1)      What is your policy on visitors?

2)      Do you smoke, drink, or do drugs?

3)      Do you have any allergies?

4)      How do you feel about splitting cleaning duties?

5)      How do you wish to work the food situation?

6)      What’s your policy on sharing?

7)      What are your weekends like?

8)      What annoys you?

9)      How long do you plan on living here?

10)  Is there any other personal information you would like to know?

For more help, including descriptions of popular student housing around Tucson, check out the U of A’s Off Campus housing website:


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