How Not to Get on Spring Break Bust!

23 Feb

Hello Wildcats!

I’m sure you are all anxious for Spring Break! I know I sure am… I just want vacations, that is all. I bet some of you are planning something really crazy for your first Spring Break in college. Am I right? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Tell your parents where you’re going to be…Even though we may not want out parents to know every detail, it’s important that they know where you are and who you’re with. Horrible things happen, and sometimes parents just need to know where you are so they don’t worry more than they should.

Vacation with people you trust…This is CRUCIAL to having a safe spring break. And vacation is more fun with people you know really well!

Plan your trip well…You don’t want to be getting to your destination and figuring out that you don’t have anywhere to stay. Or, you don’t want to find that someone forgot all their money. Just BE PREPARED.

Have your car prepared and travel safely…Speaking of being prepared, make sure that whatever car you travel in is checked: have spare water, have jumper cables, spare tire, flash light and check the tire pressure.  Also, practice safe driving.  Do not text or talk on your phone while driving.  Do not drink and drive.  Wear your seat belt.  Get plenty of rest before driving. Just BE SMART.

If you’re traveling outside of the U.S., keep track of your passport…It’s always smart to know at least some of the local language of the places you are travelling to.  This is important so that you can communicate with the people (especially if you need help).

I just want to emphasize that I’m not nagging; I’m not your mother telling you how and what to do. Be safe and have fun! Enjoy your time off!


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