Career Days: Is Your Resume Ready?

19 Mar

With Spring Career Days just around the corner, you may be wondering if your resume is alright. (Or you may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about…). Well, in this blog I will give you some tips as well as link you to some of the lovely resources UA Career Services offers students online and in-person.

Tip #1: The UA offers a resume builder, in which you upload your information and it automatically organizes it into a resume.

Tip #2: Your resume should make you look good! So, it should look good. Employers often only glance at a resume, so yours should be easy to skim. Headings are good. Look up the resumes or curriculum vitaes of some of your professors to see how they are organized. Here is a sample resume from Career Services that is a good example of one way to use headings. Use this or another one you find online as a template while you’re writing yours!

Tip #3: Use active verbs when you describe your responsibilities for jobs, internships, and volunteer positions.

Tip #4: Don’t use the resume you made in high school unless it is absolutely awesome (and even then…). I had to make one freshmen year of high school. This was before I had anything to put on it, so it looked pretty empty and was strangely formatted. Consider making a new one for college that focuses your experiences and qualifications specifically toward the career area you are interested in.

Tip #5: Take your resume to Career Services during walk-in hours or make an appointment to have a professional look at it. They do this sort of thing for a living, so they will definitely help you make your resume look great!

If this post has made you worry that you don’t have anything to put on your resume worth noting, check out some of UA’s clubs or start volunteering! Wildcat Joblink also has awesome opportunities if you are looking for a job or internship!


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