Using UAccess: Adding, Dropping, and Changing Classes

12 Aug
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UAccess is your one stop for physically registering for classes, seeing your final grades, making bursars payments, and more. You can use it to plan your classes too! This post will discuss adding, dropping, and making changes to your classes.  We will go into detail about each category, but you should make yourself aware of these dates and deadlines too.

Did you know?

Your advisor knows all the classes you need to take for your major! Academic advisors are available to help you plan your academic career, let you know how many classes you need to take each semester to stay on track, and help you figure out which classes you need to take now so you can enroll in classes with prerequisites later! You should always see an advisor before enrolling for classes!  If you don’t know who your academic advisor is, visit

Adding Classes:

You can add classes using UAccess up until January 16, 2013. That means you should pay for the number of units you expect to be enrolled in even if you aren’t enrolled in that many classes on January 9th (the first day of class). January 9th is the day tuition for Spring 2013 is due. You can pay your bursars account (where Spring 2013 charges are listed) online at or go to the Bursar’s Office in person to pay. Click this link to see where the Bursar’s Office is.

Dropping Classes:

You can use UAccess to drop classes without extra charges until the 16th as well. On the 17th UAccess is still available to drop classes (not add them), but you’ll be charged $25 per class that you drop.

February 5th is the last day to drop classes on UAccess. Classes dropped on or before this date will not appear on your transcript.

Beginning February 6th, you will need a Change of Schedule form with the instructor’s permission to drop a class. If you drop a class starting on this date a penalty grade of W or E will be awarded to you and the class will appear on your transcript, which you don’t want.

Click here for a pdf explaining the fundamentals of UAccess, including logging in and accessing or updating information.

Click here for a pdf explaining further how to use UAccess to add, drop, and change classes.

Change of Schedule Form:

Starting January 17th, you will have to use a Change of Schedule form with the instructor’s approval to add or change classes. You can find the Change of Schedule form here or pick one up at your major’s academic department’s office or the Office of the Registrar.

If you aren’t registered for any classes at all by January 17th, 2012, you will need to register using the Change of Schedule form. In addition to signatures of all instructors for classes you are adding, you will need the signature of the Dean of Students as well. The Dean of Students’ office is on the Main floor of Nugent. See the campus map if you are unsure where the Nugent building is.

Adding Classes After January 30th:

January 30th is the last day to add classes without getting charged with a $250 late registration fee. If you add classes or want to register for the Spring 2013 semester starting from no units after the 30th, you must submit a written statement, get approval from the registrar, your instructors, and the Dean, and it requires pre-payment of tuition. By adding classes beginning January 31st you may have to pay both the $125 unpaid tuition charge and the $250 late registration charge.

Making Changes to Classes Besides Adding and Dropping:

There are 2 types of grading available for classes. For pass/fail grading your receive a letter grade that affects your GPA. If you audit a class, it does not affect your GPA either positively or negatively, and you receive no letter grade. January 16th is the last day to change a class from pass/fail to audit or vice versa on UAccess. It is also the last day to file for a Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO). February 5th is the last day to change from pass/fail or audit to regular grade or vice versa using a Change of Schedule form with the instructor’s permission to . Beginning February 6th you will also need the Dean of your College’s permission as well.

If you have questions, you can ask them in the comments section below, or check out the university website The Office of the Registrar’s website and the Bursar’s Office website are both great resources for learning more about the UA’s policies and procedures.


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