Should I stay or go? Why did I take that class? I signed up for that? What am I doing?

14 Nov

We are now at that point in the semester where you may be questioning the decisions you made about what classes to take, what you have taken, what you want to do as a career, and maybe even questioning why you chose the University of Arizona. If you are full of questions, it is easy to feel like you can’t share these thoughts and talk through these problems because you are surrounded by other students who seem like they may not be share your concerns.

My biggest advice to you is to talk to someone.

Your parents and friends are always good sound boards for ideas, but it is important to speak with someone who has your academics in mind. That person would be your academic advisor! You might be thinking. “They’ll get mad at me if I talk to them about how I feel.” The reality is that advisors hear these sorts of questions more often than you think. They have worked with students who have these serious issues, and they know you are human! You will have questions, and they are the people best equipped to answer them.

So, lesson learned, asking these questions is okay, perfectly normal, and a good idea if you’re facing these issues. Go ahead… Ask away!

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