Spring 2013 Dates and Deadlines

19 Nov

 With the stress of upcoming final papers, tests, and assignments, many UA students are living one day at a time. Although this may seem like an easy alternative, students must be proactive before mentally checking out during Winter Break.

These dates and deadlines are important for planning ahead into next semester. My advice: put these deadlines in your planner now and come back to the Spring 2013 semester fully prepared!

January 8th: Last day to file for Undergraduate Leave of Absence

January 9th: FIRST DAY OF CLASSES  – Also the first day to file for Grade Replacement Opportunity or classes for audit

January 16th: Last day to use UAccess for adding classes or changing classes/sections

January 17th: Begin the $25 course late drop fee – Change of Schedule form (with Instructor approval) required to ADD or DROP courses

February 5th: Last day to: use UAccess to drop, drop without a grade, to file for GRO


If you ever need more information, please refer to the UA’s Dates & Deadlines calendar. Bear Down Wildcats!


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