Prepped for the Spring Semester?

26 Nov

School may end in December and you all have the chance to go home and see loved ones, but be aware that the Spring semester is upon us.  Some people may think it’s going to be the exact same but once you come back to campus in January you will have a completely new schedule, different professors and have one semester of school under your belt! I have been through this several times and I will share with you my experience. I recommend that you: be ready to meet new people, see the friends you met last semester and be open to new experiences. Here are a few tips for you to prepare for the spring:

  • Don’t procrastinate about taking care of things such as financial or advising holds!
  • Make a schedule of all the assignments you have to do!
  • Don’t be afraid to plan out your assignments using the assignment scheduler!
  • Get back into the school mindset before classes start.
  • Check your schedule with your adviser to make sure you are taking the right classes!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from anyone! (SA Outreach is always here!)

These few tips will help you out in some way. I can guarantee that! Try them out or come up with something that may be more specific to you. School will start again before you know it and I want you to be prepared!


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