What to Look For in a Roommate

27 Nov

Is the new semester coming with a new roommate? When looking for a roommate, you should find someone who you are willing to share a piece of your home with. After all, they will be there when no one else is. The best way to find out if you are compatible is by figuring out if you share similar ideals when it comes to how a household should be run. Here are some insights that may not be obvious:

  1. Take into account how they carry themselves and take care of their personal belongings. This will give you clues as to how they will take care of your home. Are they neat and organized? Do they tend to be a bit messy? However they act, just be sure you will be able to live with it for the duration of your lease.
  2. Are you a talkative person? Are they? Do you enjoy being alone and keeping to yourself? Do they? Something to think about. What if all you want to do is be by yourself, and they want to talk about their day? Or you want to just vent on a subject, and they’re a recluse in their room?
  3. Are their weekends jam-packed with “activities” that you may or may not approve of? It may not be what you do but some people enjoy having people over for… social gatherings. Is this something that you’re okay with or would participate in? Or is it an unnecessary distraction?

After you have had time to talk to some potential roommates and have decided upon who you’ll be  living with, something to think about is a roommate contract. A roommate contract is a written agreement between roommates that sets ground rules, expectations, and other important aspects of living together. This could include weekly chores, grocery shopping, smoking restrictions, long-term guests, etc. However, it does not necessarily have to be as vigorous as Sheldon’s from The Big Bang Theory.

No matter how you work out your living situation, make sure you’re happy. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable or unhappy at home, so choose wisely and use all the resources available to you from Off-Campus Housing.


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