Choosing Your Academic “Dream Team”

8 Jan

Remember back in gym class when you used to pick teams for Dodge Ball?  Well, what happened when you didn’t pick the best team?

Glee Blog

That’s right – all you could do was go home and sing about how much getting whacked with a dodge ball hurts!  Well, there is no need for show tunes when it comes to picking your academic “Dream Team” here at the University of Arizona.  If you seek out the best services here on campus, you’ll be just like our men’s basketball team … UNDEFEATED!

Student Affairs Outreach Facilitators are here to provide you with peer support and to help you navigate the University of Arizona and UA resources.  As students, we understand what you are going through.  Let us help you to choose the best team this draft season.

Let’s pretend we’re playing Academic Dodge Ball. The following services are lined up and ready to be “picked for teams.”  “Who” are you going to pick?  “Who” did you pick last semester?

  • Your Professor
  • Some Guy at a House Party
  • A ThinkTank Tutor
  • Your Teacher Assistant (TA)
  • Your Distracted Friend
  • A UA Librarian
  • A Contributor to Wikipedia

Be honest, how many of you just got pelted with dodge balls?  How many of you are icing wounds from last semester? Luckily, it’s not too late to pick the best team for Spring 2013!  Your professor and TA’s office hours/contact information should be listed on your class syllabus (How To Talk To A Professor During Office Hours) .  The ThinkTank has multiple locations and offers many services!  The librarians and staff at the UA Libraries are well-trained to help you find the resources you need to complete research projects and find extra materials to prepare for exams and assignments.

Your “Dream Team” is ready to help you out, and we are here to support you if you need anything!  Go get ’em, Wildcats!


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