Getting back into the swing of things

11 Jan

“Back to school, back to school” – In the words of Billy Madison, it may not always be easy getting into the swing of things as a student coming from a nice long break. Many of you may be traveling back to Tucson from out of state. For others, you may have stayed in Tucson. Whatever the case may  be, I know for myself no matter where I may be physically my mind CHECKS OUT!!! And I love every moment of it. The best part of my break was spending time with my two best friends, my brothers Hayden and Phillip.


We always find ourselves on some random adventure. This past winter break we all decided that we needed to have a snow day. So, we packed up my dad’s old F250 with our two dogs, Tootsie Roll & Demon, and made our way up the 17 to Flagstaff. The mix of road trips and lazy sleeping in ‘til the late afternoon definitely made this break one of the best. Now that I am a senior at the UA I have the mentality to live life to the fullest. As my December came to a close, my break was almost over. I spent my last break as an undergraduate road-tripping with friends and family.

My final road trip was packing up my belongings and heading back to Tucson for work. This being my fourth time coming back from winter break, you’d think it would be easy….. NOT!!!!! I wanted to stay in my comfy bed with my dog nestled at my feet, not to mention all the home cooked meals. The only clothes I would wear were sweatpants and sports bras! I love being a couch potato at home, but duty called and my bank account was definitely running low on funds, so I did what any broke college student would – I packed my bags and headed back to reality for school and work.

Each year as I came back from break I went through an adjustment period. As a freshman it took me nearly all of January to adjust back to my academic life style in Tucson. Having an on-campus job definitely helped me set a weekly routine between studying, work and play.

This semester, I have realized how important it is to find your own routine. My freshmen year my routine consisted of showering, eating, and sleeping. Can you imagine life any other way? There were so many new things I had to master in such a short amount of time! Laundry, cooking, looking presentable (my mother is a hairdresser and would do my hair every morning during high school….I know SPOILED!). This is why during my freshmen year I figured out I needed to prioritize my life so I could be successful in this new academic setting.

a daily motivation 6 Daily motivation (22 photos)

Even as a senior I have trouble getting back into my Tucson routine. If you don’t have a job to help you balance out your schedule, start with your academics by filling semester on a page (provided by Thinktank). I found once you are settled back into your home environment, it helps to set small goals for yourself everyday such as a mini workout, go grocery shopping, wash your sheets, and maybe cleaning out the junk draw that built up over Fall semester. These small chores will help you get into the mindset of school time. Each semester you come back from break you will find out what certain to-do’s will help you get back into the Wildcat routine.

Printable | Polite "Do Not Disturb" sign!

Here are some words from a Wildcat. BEAR DOWN and don’t forget to cheer on the Men’s Basketball team against Oregon State tomorrow at noon.




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