Am I There Yet?

15 Jan

My name is Valeria Martinez, and I’m one of your Outreach Facilitators. This semester we decided to do things a little different. We will provide you with blogs about the academic careers of a current sophomore (that’s me!) and a current senior on our staff (Senior Moments with Mariah The reason we decided to write blogs about our academic career is so that you, as a freshman, can get a sense of how things will change as you progress as a Wildcat.  You will face different sets of challenges as you progress.  Your academic programs will become more intense.  Your friendships and relationships will change.  Your interests will be redefined.  This is all normal and to be expected, but don’t fear these changes – embrace them and know that there will always be someone at UA to help you out.

Coming back to UA after breaks is always difficult for me, but I’m always welcomed back with big smiles from friends and dear colleagues of mine. Even though I’m just a sophomore, I feel like this is the most important year so far.  Every semester that passes by feels like there’s more to be done, and, at times, it could be a little overwhelming. Even though it’s just my sophomore year, I’m at that point where I’m starting to figure out what I want to do with my career, and it’s a really exciting time for me. This is the time when the puzzle pieces come together a bit more, and there are a few people who play a crucial part in helping me put this all together.

Before making any academic decisions, I always talk to my academic advisor. It’s really important to create a strong bond with your academic advisor.  This person will help guide you through your four years in college. My advisor’s name is Monica Barrera with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (P.S. Monica gave me permission to upload this photo … thanks!).


Monica has been there every step of the way guiding me and keeping me in check. This semester I’m planning to apply to Study Abroad for the summer of 2013, and Monica has been helping me find programs, find scholarships, and she has offered to write me letters of recommendation. I can’t stress enough how important it is to meet and create that strong relationship with your academic advisor. I think I will have Monica in my life for a REALLY long time!

Long story short, as students we are here to learn and to ask questions. That’s why we have these important people in our life. They’re here to answer our questions, teach us how to ask those important questions, and to always be there to remind us that we can do it no matter what. Every time I meet up with Monica the first thing I always ask her is “Monica, am I there yet?” she always gives me a grin and says “Valeria, you’re half way there! Don’t Stop!” I will take you along the journey with me,  and you’ll get to meet the many people who help me get through it! So, fasten up your seat belt and get ready!

Am I


One Response to “Am I There Yet?”

  1. Mónica Barrera January 15, 2013 at 4:58 PM #

    I wish you would mention that I don’t always look that way. Perhaps only when students don’t see their advisors!

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