Connect The Dots: Student-Peer-Professor-Employer!

18 Jan


New classes! New classmates! And new professors! You know why this gets me excited? That means new people for me to be friends with! Perhaps one of the greatest things about being in college is having the networking opportunities that are available to you. Going into your lectures, you have an entire classroom full of students who want to get A’s (in theory) so take advantage! Take the time to make a friend who also wants an A, exchange numbers, get emails, find each other on Facebook – whatever it takes – to set up times when you’re available to study and/or go over homework.

Don’t stop there, if you are having trouble with a subject, get it straight from the source! See your professor! Professors have office hours for a reason. Even if you don’t have a specific question, stop by and say hi. Take the time to introduce yourself and be sure your professor knows who you are. If you end up doing well in the class and they get to know you by name, you have an excellent letter of recommendation right there! It may seem kind of devious but meeting your professor and asking questions is more than than just getting help, it’s networking! Your college professors, TA’s, and other professional faculty are the ones who will be writing your Letters of Reccomendation for future employers. Trust me when I say, you need a good Letter of Recommendation.


I found a good friend in my English 101 professor. I’ve always had a difficult time with English, so going in to college I knew that I would be needing help. I went to my professors office hours every week and found it very helpful. Eventually, I found myself staying to talk about other courses, the university and life in general. Fastforward to my Sophomore year: a job listing found its way to one of my listservs and the opportunity to become an Orientation and Welcome Leader was in front of me. Who did I contact for a Letter of Rec.? My good ‘ole friend, English 101 Professor! (I really do know his name. Just not sharing. Sorry ’bout it!) I ended up getting the job and the relationship I created with my Boss led me to my most current job as an Outreach Facilitator for Student Affairs. And that, my friends, is how I was given the opportunity to talk to all of you!

Make those connections! Networking helps you Academically, Professionally and Socially.

So take it from me, YOUR Outreach Facilitator, Andy G.


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