Looking for a Job? Wildcat Joblink And Other Resources

1 Feb

Wildcat Joblink is the Career Services job network site at the UA. You can upload your resume and they will share it with possible future employers. You can also look through available jobs on campus and surrounding areas. Student positions are frequently posted to this site as well, so if you are looking for a job on campus it is a great resource.

I found a job as a maintenance assistant for ResLife for the summer on Wildcat Joblink last summer. It was a good job, with good hours, and kind of fun. I learned how to fix basic things in apartment buildings and got a lot of experience with painting living rooms, bedrooms, and closets different shades of white.


Umm… which one do you like? The one on the left?

All I wanted was a summer job to cover the cost of living in Tucson for the summer, and it fit the bill perfectly. I also learned tons of practical stuff about fixing things that I would never have been taught otherwise.

More recently, an employer also contacted me via email to let me know about a job opening that she was interested in interviewing me for. It was a job in the Phoenix area, so I wasn’t interested, but in principle that is pretty nifty.

Career Services has many other services including resume and cover letter guidance, mock interviews, and they host the Career Fair each semester.

There is a fee, as we said in our newsletter. It is $5 to opt in to their online services. Well worth it if you ask me.


Wildcat Joblink is not the only place campus jobs are listed, though. Job openings and announcements are frequently listed in many of the university listservs. For example, the two positions I have in the Nugent building were advertized in the Honors Listserv.


You can also look for jobs around Tucson. If you have a car, you can work anywhere you want within driving distance. If not, you’ll have to look for jobs near where you live or near campus. I am using Indeed.com to look for jobs for after graduation. I’m pretty sure they list all jobs posted online. It seems like that. I’ve applied for a few different jobs around Tucson and also back home in the Seattle area, and I’ve found jobs from all different types of businesses.

I hope these three resources were helpful and best of luck job-hunting!


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