The Biggest Decision of Your Life…Well an Important One At Least

5 Feb

You have a huge decision coming up soon:

Are you going to continue living where you are, or are you ready to make a change?

You may feel like you need a change, or maybe you love your living situation this year. No matter what, it’s important to ask  yourself some questions because even when you love your home and your roommates, there are always ways to improve.

If you’re living at home:

  • What are your reasons for living at home? Maybe you prefer living with your family rather than someone you’ve never lived with. Or maybe you felt like you didn’t have a choice. It’s important to ask yourself “Why am I here?”
  • Are you ready to pay rent and other costs? There is a definite financial burden to living on your own, so it’s important to consider this if you’re thinking about moving out. It’s not just rent but also groceries, utilities, and more.
  • What are you missing by living at home? If your answer is “nothing,” then I think we’ve discovered you’re happy staying home. However, if there’s something you feel you’re missing out on, think about the next step towards change. Moving out may not be the answer, so think of other options as well.

If you’re off-campus, but not at home:

  • Are you happy with your location? My first apartment was great, but it was a long drive from campus. I watched all my money go into gas for my car and decided I needed a change.
  • Is your apartment well-managed? Holding your apartment managers responsible is stressful and unneccessary. If you constantly feel like you’re battling with the people who run your apartment, consider finding a more “user-friendly” place to live.
  • Are you satisfied with the living environment? We all have our own preferences, so it’s important to think about your day-to-day environment. Is there a lot of partying? Do you have bad neighbors? Do you feel safe?
  • Are you missing something? My big amenities were laundry, my own bathroom, and furniture. Think about the things you wish your place had and consider whether they’re worth moving for.

If you’re living in a residence hall:

  • Do you like sharing space? This should be an obvious question, but sometimes we get complacent and stop wondering if having a bigger bed or personal bathroom would be better.
  • Are you willing to commute to campus? A 10-minute walk to class is fairly painless. It’s much less convenient to walk/bike/drive/take the bus to class.
  • How will living off-campus affect your involvement? When you live off-campus, making those weekly club meetings and staying late after class to talk to a professor can be a little more complicated. Think about how living on-campus accomodates your social events, and decide if you can maintain that involvement if you no longer live so close.
  • Have you considered all your options? Maybe you’re thinking about living off-campus because you don’t like your res hall, but have you looked into other res halls or alternatives to moving into an apartment?

If you’ve gone through all these questions already and are committed to the decision to move, PLAN AHEAD! Below are some fantastic resources to help you in your quest for a home!

For even more help with this process, check out some of our previous blogs:


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