Have you made the most of your experience here?

6 Feb

As the end of your freshman year will soon be approaching you may be asking yourself, how do people make these four years the best four years of their life? Well it all starts with the decisions you make.  These decisions include getting involved with your university, getting help when you need it,  finding out what you want to do with your career, and most importantly asking yourself,  “have I really made the best decisions to get the most out of my time here at the University of Arizona?”

Here are just some steps to help you answer this question:

What organizations/clubs/resource centers have you joined?

–          If your answer is none, you might want to consider looking at some of these links to help you explore some of the involvement opportunities the University has to offer.

1. Search through 500 clubs and organizations to find one that fits you: http://arizonaorgs.orgsync.com/

      2. Interested in the Greek community? Browse through their website for more information: http://arizonagreek.orgsync.com/

      3. Are you born to be a leader? Here are some leadership programs to look through: http://leadership.arizona.edu/

      4. Search through the different cultural and diversity programs here on campus: http://www.arizona.edu/diversity/support-centers-research-units

 My experience:  I remember being a freshman, and feeling like a robot who woke up and went to class, and then went home every day. I never sat by the same people in class, and I felt like I didn’t play a role here at the University. I soon DECIDED to make the choice to join student government. This decision led to new friends, windows of opportunities, and a place that I enjoyed being a part of.

Have you taken advantage of all resources we have on campus to help you in classes you might be struggling in, or helping you decide on what you want to do with your career in the future?

–          If your answer was no to this question, you might want to consider exploring some of these resources that are here on campus to support you.

1. Are you struggling in one of your classes? The think tank offers tutoring, exam review sessions, and supplemental instruction: http://thinktank.arizona.edu/

2. Do you need direction or advice about your future goals? Check out career services: http://www.career.arizona.edu/

3. Speak to your advisor or professor. They are a great resource. Here are some tips on writing a professional email: http://www.cats.arizona.edu/sites/catsacademics.arizona.edu/files/docs/email.pdf

My experience: I was enrolled in a molecular and cellular biology course. This course was very challenging and I needed some extra help. At first, I was embarrassed to pursue the resources available to me, but I made the DECISION to step out of my comfort zone and start going to see a tutor. After a week of seeing a tutor, my exam grades went up and I saw huge improvement in my class overall.

These are just a few of the opportunities that are available to you, but you have to go out and find one that fits you.  I challenge you to say that college was the best four years of your life because you made the decisions to make it that way.



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