A Month of Celebrating

8 Feb

Recently, we told you about all of the amazing events on campus celebrating Black History Month. These events are all sponsored by AASA (African American Student Affairs), but they’re not just for members! They have put in a lot of hard work to make sure that these events are available for ALL students and faculty to enjoy.

Even if you don’t identify as African American, this is an important time to reflect on Black History and what that means to all of us. Take the time to head to one or two of the events. It’ll be a great opportunity to engage with the UA community while learning about the triumphs and struggles that are part of our American history. Plus, many of these events include food, and what college student can say no to that?!Picture1

Going to these events and learning about different perspectives will allow you to grow as a student. Think about it, all of us are required to take a certain amount of general education courses. Why do you think we’re asked to do this? It’s because college isn’t about just training you to do your desired career, which is why students who want to be doctors aren’t immediately carted off to learn about anatomy and nothing else. College is a chance for young adults to explore the world around them. We all come from different backgrounds, and this is your chance to learn about different cultures, backgrounds, traditions, et cetera that you may have never been exposed to before. It’s all about diversity and learning about different people. It’s a necessary part of becoming a well-informed citizen.


So go and enjoy these events – they’re for you!


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