Don’t Give Up on Love: Dating Tips 101

15 Feb

Not the Valentine’s Day you dreamed of? Try out some of our favorite dating tips!

Veronica: Make sure to turn your phone off on a date. It is definitely a turn off when you’re paying more attention to the phone than to your date.

Tori: Don’t be afraid to ask where you stand in your relationship. Not knowing if it’s casual or exclusive is worse than the momentary awkwardness you get from asking for clarification.

Daniel: Don’t sing about your feelings for somebody on a first date … especially in public!glee

Adi: Love yourself!

Lauren: No one likes a clingy significant other – give them space and be yourself.

Marc: Don’t worry about the negative and just stay positive! Your time will come!

Andy: DON’T use the force! Don’t force yourself to be someone you’re not. Don’t get caught up in saying something you think they want to hear or something you think will make you sound cool. A date is meant to get to know the person you’re with, let them get to know YOU.

Alissa: Don’t be shy, or grumpy (hard to tell the difference sometimes). Nothing is more boring than a date with a person who refuses to talk much.

Mariah: Always have mints – not gum. Mints.

Valeria: NEVER DATE A MAN WITH BUSHY EYEBROWS! If you can’t focus on the conversation because you’re staring at your date’s eyebrows then you need to get the heck out of there. (Bad juju!)

Kyla: Never lead someone on if you are no longer interested. At the end of the date, be honest, and tell the person you had a great time but you’re not interested in continuing the relationship. However, there’s no reason to tell them it’s their bushy eyebrows or anything else brutally honest!

What are some of your favorite tips? Also, let us know if any of our tips work for you!!


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