Lectures and Workshops

19 Feb

Wildcat Connections (2/25/2013-3/3/2013)

What’s Happening?

‘Genomics Now’ Lecture Series:Donata Vercelli DNA

This series talks about research being conducted that is changing the way we view DNA. The series explores advances in genomics research. Some of the topics that are being covered are:

  • the genetic roots of disease and pandemics,
  • how agriculture can satisfy our hungry planet,
  • how genetic mutation affects species’ survival

Dr. Donata Vercelli will give a talk titled “Epigenetics: Why DNA Is Not Our Destiny” on February 27th from 7pm-8pm. It is going to be located in Centennial Hall. If you would like more information, contact Shawna Matteson at 520-621-4090 or smatteson@email.arizona.edu

BillCareer Service Professional Development Seminar- ‘Federal Job Search and Application Process’:

At this seminar, you will learn about government jobs and how to navigate the federal applications process. Many students miss the opportunity for internships and job openings that may, in fact, be the perfect match for them.

This event will be held in the Student Union Memorial Center Room 411 on February 26th from 12pm-1pm. Space is limited, so show up early. If you have any question, call 520-621-2546 or email careerservices@arizona.edu.


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