Hitch a Ride!

21 Feb


If there is one resource on campus that I use regularly, it’s the Cat Tran. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! It’s cold right now, but think back to August – it gets HOT! Nothing is worse than walking into class drenched in sweat.

A lot of the classes that I am taking this semester are located on the Medical campus, and sometimes (well most of the time) I don’t feel like walking all the way over there. What do I do instead? Take the Cat Tran. It is an easy, FREE way to get around campus. What’s better than FREE stuff? Nothing, if you ask me.

There are six different routes that help transport you to any place around campus. The Purple, Teal, Green, and USA Routes take you all around campus.

The Orange Route is designed for students who live off campus or park in designated lots from campus. There is a special pass required to ride the Orange Cat Tran. Check out Parking and Transportation Services for more information on the Orange route and the pass.

Staying late on campus and need to get home? There’s a Tran for that.
The Night Cat is available from six to midnight.

Wherever you may need to go, the Cat Tran has your back. Make sure to check the schedule on where to catch the shuttle and times for pick-up. You can also grab a brochure on any Cat Tran or download it onto your phone.

Next time you need to get somewhere around campus but don’t feel like walking all the way there, hitch a FREE ride!


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