The Quick and Dirty: Travel Tips for Spring Break

25 Feb

Road Trips:

– Get your car a check-up and an oil change before beginning your journey.image of license plate (green and white) that reads "road trip"

– Have an emergency phone number to call if you have an emergency (like your car breaks down, you get hit, your friend has an allergic reaction or gets food poisoning).

– Know where you’re going to fill up on gas and plan to fill up before you NEED it.

– Bring travel-friendly snacks like bottled water, mixed nuts, granola bars, fresh fuit (washed and sliced, if necessary).

– Don’t drink and drive, for real. FOR REAL. And, it’s illegal to have open containers of alcohol in your car. Know this.


– Print your boarding pass ahead of time.

– Know what you can take in your carry-on luggage:

  • Generally, for carry-on luggage, you are allowed one personal item to go at your feet and one overhead compartment luggage item.
  • No liquids bigger than 3 oz. and all must fit in a ziplock bag (sandwich sized, approximately). TSA will throw away your fancy perfume or normal-sized bottle of contact solution, for example.
  • The size-limit of your carry-on overhead compartment luggage varies by airline, but generally the small rolling bags are the appropriate size (sometimes a little on the too-big side).

– Bring flight friendly snacks:

  • No liquids over 3 0z. though security (not even yogurt)
  • No, nothing too sticky or fragrant (not everyone likes the smell of tuna and broccoli, especially if they are not eating it).
  • Yes, fresh fruits and less fragrant veggies (like carrot sticks), string cheese, mixed nuts, and sandwiches.
  • Yes, gum for your ears.

Did you know? Babies cry during take-off and landing because they are more sensitive to the pressure change. Their organs related to hearing are not the same as those in adults (because they are babies!).

Vacationing In Other Countries:

– Know the laws and how they are different.

– Know where you’re staying (have it written down and know how to get back to it if you venture into town).

– Be wary of strangers. Just because you are visiting an awesome resort beach that looks like Paradise, this doesn’t mean shady people don’t live there full time (or that visitors like yourself can’t be shady too).

– Stay hydrated with water you know is clean. Getting horribly sick from the water really ruins a vacation. Know if this is a concern in the country you are visiting and prevent it.

For More Information:

– Read Campus Health’s Travel Tips for our Athletic Teams

– Check out Veronica’s blog on Spring Break Safety and new posts coming later this week!


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