Be Prepared for School During Spring Break

26 Feb

Spring break is coming up soon, and we’re all extremely excited! I know I am! It’s time for a semi-long break! Although I don’t have many plans for this spring break, I can only imagine what you all have planned. Some of you might be going back home to see parents, others might be going to go relax at a beach somewhere, or doing alternative spring break work. No matter what you’re doing, we also need to keep in mind that this is a minor break, and we eventually have to come back to reality. I know this might sound out of the question because it is spring break, but we could all benefit from remembering this.

Tip #1: Plan your departure carefully.  Try not to skip class to leave early. If you are planning on leaving early, make sure you talk to your professors so you don’t miss anything.

Tip #2: Do your homework in advance. If you’re assigned homework during spring break (like me), take some time to do it during the break, not Sunday  night before we come back.

Tip #3: While you’re on spring break, be safe! We want you back in school healthy and safe! Check out our travel tips blog!

Tip #4: Take a moment to look ahead at what assignments you have the week after spring break. You don’t want to be surprised when a big assignment pops up!

Tip #5: The schedule of classes comes out March 4, so take time plan out your schedule of classes on UAccess for next semester. Registration starts soon after we come back!

Tip #6: Rest! Don’t come back exhausted – take a day to just relax and recover from all the fun that you might have had!

Following these simple tips before and during spring break will make your break awesome. We hope your spring break is fun and relaxing! Don’t worry if you’re staying in Tucson. There’s much to do here as well. Be safe Wildcats!


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