Ease Your Transportation Woes, Ride the Streetcar!

6 Mar

I know we’ve all gotten frustrated a time or two this year because of all the construction going on, but do you know what it’s all for? The Tucson Modern Streetcar is going to be an excellent addition to the University of Arizona and the City of Tucson.

Sun Link Streetcar

I remember being a freshman living in Graham-Greenlee, and, because I didn’t have a car, I was stuck on campus all the time. I rarely ever got beyond Speedway or Campbell. After this project is done, students will easily be able to get to Downtown and 4th Ave. whenever they feel like it. All the stops along the track offer great shops, restaurants, and nightlife locations. This new mode of transportation will change the life of a student at UA by making it easier to get involved in the culture and atmosphere that Tucson has to offer.

The website even has a video where you can see a simulation that shows how the Streetcar will go through UA from the Medical Center past Chipotle and down 4th Ave! Maps are already available to show you all that you can expect from the Streetcar. Transportation to downtown will no longer involve the hassles of traffic or finding parking space.

Stay tuned to the Modern Streetcar website for construction updates and the final date when the Streetcar will be ready! Make sure you check out the frequently asked questions to learn more about the route and how the streetcar will help Tucson community members!


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