How to Choose Your College Roommate

6 Mar

Choosing a roommate is more complicated than it may seem. This roommate can either become your best friend, or your worst nightmare. This is why it is important to choose wisely.

One piece of advice that is often given is to live with a friend, but not a best friend. I followed this advice when choosing my roommates and found that it worked out in my favor for these reasons:

1)   It reduces the elements of surprise: Living with a friend, or at least someone you know, takes out the unknown of living with them.  This does not mean that this will guarantee a smooth sailing, but at least you have a general idea of the person you are about to live with, including their personality and your compatibility with that person.

2)   It helps preserve the friendships: By choosing to not live with your best friend, your friendship does not have to withstand the pressures of always being around each other.

3)   It expands your social circle: By rooming with someone you know, but aren’t the closest to, gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and acquaintances throughout your college experience.

4)   It gives you another place to get away: Sometimes it’s nice to get away from school and your normal circle of friends.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing a roommate, and this is one strategy that worked for me.


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