Coping with an Unexpected Grade…

21 Mar

I planned out my studying over a week, I stayed up the whole night before studying, I did my own study guide, I read all the chapters, I went to all lectures… and this is what happened…

social-media-social-networking-study-skillsMy first failing grade of my university career. When I got my paper back, I stared at my paper not knowing what to do. I honestly think I almost shed a tear. Coping with a bad grade is one of the hardest things to do, especially at this point of our lives.

Professors like this don’t help either…

358t2zI don’t know why professors think that we will magically know what we did wrong (well in cases of multiple choice, we all know what we did wrong). Sometimes, it takes a little courage to go to your professors’ office hours and ask them for tips on how to study. They are your best friends when it comes to things like this because they are the ones who write the exam. When I went to talk to my professor, I started with a very broad question: “What did I do wrong?” But if you go in there prepared, and ask questions like: “In the book it said this, so why is this wrong?” or “From what I understood, I thought that this answer was the best because…” etc. Many times professors give back points if you make valid arguments.

We never want to be like whoever did this:


When answering short answer questions, make sure that you make educated guesses. Don’t write just leave it blank. That might drive your professor crazy! Or in the above case, answer something other than drawing a meme.While we find them hilarious, professors don’t.

Coping with bad grades isn’t something that can be done easily. Take them as a learning experience: know what you did wrong and how to fix that. Maybe you just have to organize your studies more, read the material that you were supposed to read, or join a study group. However, you may find that you just didn’t understand the material, so you can get extra help from office hours if you need it. Sometimes, it can be just as simple as, “I needed to pee, so I rushed through my exam.”


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