Warning! Challenges Ahead

21 Mar


This semester has been super chaotic! I’ve been SO distracted with my summer abroad applications, family, and working on other stuff that isn’t as important. I have to admit I haven’t been very focused this semester. My biggest challenge is definitely trying to keep everything organized, but it’s been difficult. It’s hard to admit that I haven’t been trying as hard as I should on my main priorities, but  the first step is realizing that I need to get my stuff together! ASAP! I’ve been trying to keep everything organized by using my planner and I list the most important assignments first. This allows me to see what needs more attention at the moment. This has been working for me, but it’s hard sometimes to be consistent. The best thing we can do as students is try our best. I’ve also been trying REALLY HARD to turn off my phone or put it away in a drawer while I do homework. FACEBOOK is also a problem! If you count how many minutes you spend browsing through your news feed,  it adds up to hours! So far almost half way through the semester, my techniques have been working okay, but  I will finish strong and meet my goals! Keep your head up Wildcats if this is happening to you. Just know you’re not the only one, and there are different techniques to cope with academic challenges. These are mine, what are yours?

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