7 Weeks Left!

22 Mar

7 WEEKS LEFT!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! This spring break was bomb.com! I had a great time relaxing and putting my mind at ease on the beaches of San Diego. After time spent away from a certain place or job you may find that being away from those certain places of things will be just the remedy to find a new revitalized motivation for those tasks. Spring break for me is an entire week dedicated to my mental and physical restoration. For me this process includes lying on the beach and hanging out with family and friends.

When I finally did manage to pull myself away from the UV rays and nurse my redden skin back to health, on the road back to Tucson I was already creating a To-Do list; laundry, dishes, homework, edit essay, read, and don’t forget to check Catmail account. The list continued to grow and I felt myself becoming overwhelmed with that familiar stress I left behind in Tucson before Spring Break. I took the next exit, pulled off the freeway, and cruised into a “Mom & Pop” gas station. Never having visited this gas station, I entered and walked quickly down the aisle to the refrigerated wall of beverages and frozen goodies. There it was – a Shamrock ice-cream sandwich. Eighty-seven cents later, I walked outside and plunged into my tasty cold treat.

I went over what I had accomplished over spring break; sun-tan – check, retail shopping – check, eating lots of yummy foods – check, visit fun places with cool people – check! My spring break was a total success! I shouldn’t be feeling down about going back to school, I have a lot of exciting things waiting for me in Tucson and great friend that I can hang out with. Maybe it was the thought of having no schedule to follow, time became lost during break and now I had to transition back into my student mindset.

As I sat on a molten hot picnic bench facing the I-10, enjoying my melting ice-cream sandwich, I felt the ending of my spring break and the beginning of a regular school week approaching. Coming from a week filled with awesomeness, and jumping into the routine schedule of class and work sometimes leaves you feeling empty. To avoid those negative feelings about going to school, manage your time wisely each day so you are able to enjoy the spoils each days offers. Your time in Tucson doesn’t have to be torturous, I have spent three whole years in Tucson and I am still doing new things, meetings new people, and finding happiness around every corner.

To all the Wildcats, welcome back, I can’t wait to see what these next few weeks have in store for us!

Bear Down,



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