The Transfer Process: Is It For You?

4 Apr

The end of the semester is coming closer and, unfortunately, some of you may be finding yourself unhappy with your first year in college. There are options for you. One of them being the transfer process. The truth is, just how every person is different and unique, so is each college and each university. It may take a couple tries to find YOUR home and a place for YOU to feel comfortable and confident in. First things first, why are you unhappy? If we find the source of your troubles then we can make this a short, quick transition.

My college doesn’t have a strong program in my area of interest.

Perhaps you came to college undecided about your major. Perhaps after a couple entry level courses through different subjects you find something that interests you. And perhaps you find out that the program at your current college is not represented like you would wish. Every college is different and each college has different focuses. It’s perfectly viable that after becoming a biology major you may decide you want to attend a college near the ocean so you can focus on marine biology.

I like my school, but it’s not my dream school.

Getting in to your #1 pick for a college can prove to be difficult. Sometimes students settle on their second choice if they can’t get their first but you- you’re persistent- and you keep on trying until you get the acceptance letter to your dream school. It’s never a great idea to just settle on anything. Like Mr. Miyagi told Daniel Son in The Karate Kid  “Do yes, or do no. Do middle, get squashed like grape”. Either go to your school, excited, with a “Yes” attitude or don’t go. If you find yourself comparing schools, you are just going to be disappointed. Appreciate what your school has to offer and utilize all it gives you. Even if it wasn’t your first choice, it still may be the right choice.

I can’t afford to continue my education here.

The unfortunate truth about college is that it’s expensive! Some of us are fortunate enough to get scholarships to help us through this hurdle. Sometimes, most of the time, it’s not enough and we find ourselves figuring this out by the end of our freshman year. Going to an Out-Of-State school is expensive and sometimes its a better option to go to a 2-year college before heading back to that 4-year university. If this is you, don’t feel bad or feel like you’re “stepping down” – you are making the responsible decision to keep your financial situation in good standing.

I just don’t feel at home here.

Can you see yourself here for four years? Every campus has a different culture and campus population. More often then not, you will find someone you can click with but sometimes that one person is not enough. You want to feel at home. You want to feel comfortable. You want a conducive learning environment for yourself.


Transferring schools is nothing to be ashamed about and most importantly it’s not the wrong thing to do but before you make the decision to do so, look at your options. Alissa mentions reasons not to transfer in her blog this week. Sometimes it’s NOT the answer. It’s a strenuous process that may not be worth it. However, if it IS the answer it is DEFINITELY worth it. Take the time to understand what you truly want and how you can get there.


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