Four-Year Plans Aren’t For Everyone

7 Apr

the words "four year plan" on a calendar or day planner tabSometimes the standard four-year plan doesn’t cut it. Some majors are nearly impossible to finish in four years, even if you’re taking the maximum credit load. Sometimes you’re so interested in multiple majors that you decide you need  five years to finish. Sometimes, you learn in your first year that taking 18 credits a semester is not your thing, or at the end of the first year you realize the major you thought you would love is not the right fit at all. Maybe you are working full-time and trying to be a full-time student, and it’s stressing you out (it would stress me out).

Honor yourself as an individual and build your undergraduate experience to fit your needs. There are many different ways to complete your college degree. The list below only begins this list. Think of it as your leaping-off point for thinking outside the box when planning your best college experience. Always talk to your academic advisor about whether these solutions will work for your major.

Some Alternatives To The Four-Year Plan

1. Taking community college classes that will transfer over

Scenario 1: Dual-enrollment at Pima and the University of Arizona

Scenario 2: Taking a year or more off to complete credits at a community college

  • same as above
  • Check out #3 too

2. Being a part-time student

  • Talk to your advisor to make sure your program allows this
  • Talk to an advisor from Financial Aid if you get any aid that is contingent on credit load or four-year completion of your degree

3. Taking a semester off with the plan to return to the UA

Scenario 1: I am in good standing (above 2.0 cumulative GPA)

Scenario 2: I am on academic probation (below 2.0 cumulative GPA)

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