Packing Up Finals

11 Apr

This morning I was sitting at my desk, getting ready to write this blog, and decided to look up when the last day of school was. So… I got on the UA website, clicked on the master academic calendar, I scrolled down and this happened…


I hadn’t realized there is only a month left of school! ONE MONTH! I secretly had a mini panic attack just thinking about finals and studying abroad. I couldn’t  decide which one was scarier? One of my biggest responsibilities right now is to come up with a strategic plan to balance finals and prepare to leave to Istanbul, Turkey. My plan is to take it step by step these upcoming months.


Step 1: When are my finals?
I need to go back into my syllabus for each class, and mark down my final exam dates in my calendar. This has helped me keep track of what times I need to block off to study. I also look at the times of the final exams since most of the final exam times are often different than regular class time.

Step 2: Deadlines
Since I’m studying abroad this summer and working I need to make sure I have no major deadlines. Deadlines are extremely important when participating in big program; especially overseas. My biggest fear is missing an extremely import deadline, and then freaking out.

Step 3: Block off time
After step one and two, I can now schedule time to study for my finals. I give myself two hours of study time for each class. I try really hard to put my phone away, log off of Facebook, and basically get rid of all possible distractions. I start two weeks before finals start that way I don’t have to cram in everything last-minute.

Step 4: SLEEP! EAT! STAY HEALTHY! Basically take care of yourself. This semester I’ve been trying really hard to eat my three meals a day, and go for walks. I’m not saying it’s easy, but we all have to be healthy wildcats.



Step 5: Preparing for the BIG trip! 

I still haven’t heard back from some of my scholarships to study abroad, but I have to start planning ahead. Even though I haven’t purchased my airline ticket and other things I need, I still have to make a list of things that need to be done before I leave. First, I need to make a budget list that includes how much rent I have to pay in advance for those months that I will be out of the country, cable, phone bill, electric bill, and basically all my financial responsibilities here in Tucson. Second, I need to pack two months’ worth of clothes which will not be fun since I will probably bringing a lot more back.  Finally, I need to get mentally prepared and get in control of my emotions. I know my mom will cry, along with my entire family. So I will need to also set aside time to say my “See you later” to my family.

Overall, my stress levels are off the charts! But I’m confident that if I follow my five easy steps, I will end the semester with success, and start my study abroad experience with enthusiasm. I hope you finish up the semester successfully, and I wish you all the best of luck with your final exams! BEAR DOWN!


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