Test Taking, D2L, Office Hours, My Oh My, You’re in College Now!

11 Apr

Over the last four years at U of A I have realized that you pick up many tips along the way, such as, don’t park over night in the garages unless you have a parking pass, always pack a bottle of water, and always mark your planner when you have tests. Although these tasks are minimal, they are very easy to forget. My time spent as a freshman was in a state of chaos, always scrambling last minute to study or pulling an all-nighter to finish that paper that ‘s due Monday at 8am. I will admit it now. . .  I was the Princess of Procrastination. At the end of semester, I did successfully pass all of my classes, but always found myself stressed out, tired, and not enjoying school.


As I entered my Sophomore year I knew I had to change my ways or else I would go crazy with this type or lifestyle. I began finding study groups in my classes. By doing this when I was going to study I already had a selected academic group that would be helpful to study with. I also found out that by having friends in class, you then are less likely to ditch. Another great study tip is visiting your professor’s office hours. I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING….. blah blah blah everyone says that. But, let’s approach this from a different perspective. In college you are usually in classes with hundreds of other students, making an impression on your professor is rather difficult and when you are trying to seek out help in your class you may feel like you are the only one who is having this problem. You’re not. Your professor was once a student as well, be open-minded and stop assuming your professor won’t understand where you are coming from. Lastly, being a college student is about being an adult and taking responsibilities seriously. Your job is to be a student, act professionally in your classes; don’t text, get off Facebook, and take good notes.  Take your role as a student seriously, by doing this you will mold your habits and behavior to succeed in your academic setting.


Mental attitude is everything, as a student you are challenging yourself is multiple subjects areas when you feel that you are lacking motivation to start studying look over your past behaviors and habits. Ask yourself are these things good for me as a student? Am I taking my role as a student as serious as I can? What can I do in my role to improve my success as a student?


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