Getting a Summer Job

16 Apr

After a long year at the University of Arizona, you may be looking at your bank account and wondering if you have been robbed.

The Office TV show: bankruptcy

We’ve all had that feeling, and maybe you are also being pressured by mom and dad, but a summer job is now looking like a great option to replenish your funds. Although it can be difficult to fathom a job search while finals are approaching, now is the time to act before all of the good  jobs are gone. Here are some ideas to keep in mind, whether you decide to stay in Tucson for the summer or go back home:

  • Look into Summer Camps for elementary school kids
  • Tutor for high school students preparing for their SAT
  • Become lifeguard certified and work at a local pool (bring your sunscreen!)
  • Scan over Craigslist for listings of  ‘temporary jobs’
  • Talk to your dentist, doctor, or other interested professional to shadow or intern (although you may not get paid, this is an excellent opportunity to put on your resume)
  • Check out summer positions on Joblink
  • Ask your local community center if they need extra help for summer events
  • Hopefully you left your high school job under good terms, so consider giving them a call and ask if they would be open to employing you for the summer

Polish up your resume (with the help of Career Services) and determine your dates of availability. Be aware that if you are looking for jobs out of town, you’ll need to let your managers know you’d need a phone interview. Best of luck!

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