Going Home for Summer!

18 Apr

It is almost time for the end of the semester and for some of you to head back home after being independent for an entire year. That means you may be going home to live with your parents. You may be in for a big change. Your parents might have the same rules in their household that they did when you were in high school. So be prepared to talk to them when you get home and follow these simple steps!


1) Make a list of specific rule change requests you’d like from your parents.
Ex: Chores, curfew, etc.

2) Underneath each request, make a bullet-point list of why you deserve it.

3) Plan to have a serious conversation with your parents about your requests.

4) Start the conversation from an empathetic standpoint.
Ex: Do not start yelling at them but let them know you are becoming an adult by calmly have a conversation with them.

5) Present your requests and give good reasons, but be ready to compromise. This should be a discussion, not a demand.

6) If your parents aren’t being particularly responsive to your suggestions, point out other reasons about why it’s beneficial for your development to have greater independence.

7) Act responsibly.

8) Realize that sometimes, your parents really do know best.
If you can’t get what you want, don’t be upset – it’ll ruin your summer!


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