My Bucket List – College Edition

29 Apr


It’s official … I’m almost done with sophomore year! It feels like I’ve been in college for centuries, but, once I stop for a moment, I realize that I’m only a sophomore. It’s scary to think that I only have two more years of my undergraduate career left, and I’ll be graduating soon.  Even though I’m already halfway through school, there is still so much I haven’t done that I want to do before I leave UA.  Here is my college bucket list:

1. Go to every kind of sporting event on campus: I’ve been to a few football games, but I want to experience other sports that are offered on campus. I want to cheer on athletes in sports that don’t always get the most attention.


2. Tailgate: I go to football games, but I have never had a ‘tailgating’ experience.

3. Join a leadership club: Before I’m done at the U of A, I want to join a leadership club to learn how to be an effective leader.

4. Take a road trip with my friends: I feel like this is a must have experience for everyone, and I want to take a trip that I will remember fondly in the future.


5. Play catch on the mall: I always see people playing catch on the mall, and I want to get a group of my friends and play.

6. Ride a bike to class: I walk everywhere and it takes sooooo long! If I ride my bike, I’ll get places faster.

7. Try Cactus Grill’s chicken and waffles: They scare me, and I haven’t been brave enough to try them yet.  Have you tried them?


8. Get to know all my professors a bit more: It’s extremely important that I know my professors on a one-on-one basis. I believe my professors will help me as I move forward as a scholar and a professional.

9. Study abroad for a whole semester: I want to live in another country for a whole semester.

10. Learn to long board: It looks kind of dangerous, but it also looks fun!

11. Sit in on a UAPD shift: I’ve always wanted to ride along with a UAPD officer on their rounds.


12. Be an RA for a day: I have lots of friends who are RAs in the residents halls, and they all seem to enjoy it SO MUCH! 

What’s on your bucket list?


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