Andy’s App of the Week: Summer Fun

1 May

This is it. The last edition of Wildcat Connections for this year. What are your plans for the summer? I know what I’ll be doing: Starting my second job as an Orientation and Welcome leader! That means I’ll be sticking around for the summer. This week in Andy’s App of the Week I’ll share with you some apps I know I’ll be using and apps that I think will help those of you who are staying in T-Town for the Summer.


I don’t know about you all, but I eat. A lot. And I like to eat at restaurants. A lot. One of my most beloved apps- and one I think you may find useful- is Urbanspoon. This app lets you discover the local cuisine of whatever city you are in. It uses your GPS location to find what is near you. It will also organize all your options by Price, Meal and What’s Open. If you are undecided about what you want there is also a nifty option called “Shake” where you can enter specific criteria and see what Urbanspoon comes up with for you!

Urbanspoon urbanspoon  Urbanspoon


When I hear a song and I can’t identify who and what it is within the first 5 seconds, I get really annoyed. THAT is why I have Shazam! Shazam identify’s the songs that you may not know but are interested in listening to again later. If you hear a song on the radio, at your friends house or in a club and you don’t know what it is-let Shazam figure it out for you! A lot of good music is expected this year, and this summer especially. So be on top of it!

Shazam1 Shazam


My last app for this blog will be the recently popular Vine. Vine is a social media platform that allows you to record and upload videos. People have referred to this app as “Instagram for videos” and I am apt to agree with them. It may not give you the ability to add filters or a focus tool but the simplicity of the video recording can lead to some creativity among its users. Go ahead, add your friends and give it a try!



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