The End (Really, the Beginning)

8 May

I’m graduating! This is supposed to be awesome, and it is, but leaving Tucson is really hard too. Despite my best and misguided attempts to not establish a community in Tucson for fear of losing it, I have! I’m losing it. I’m going home again.

Except, I am going home (really, but not really, but really…). I’m from Washington state. I’m looking forward to being close to family and friends again, but leaving Tucson is really leaving the place I’ve called home for four years.

Additionally, I’ve got a job lined up after graduation!

Tangled's protagonist Rapunzel being excited

Awesome, right? I’m super excited about it because it’s exactly what I wanted – it’s close to home, it pays more than minimum wage, there may be room for growth within the company, and there will likely be opportunities to gain amazing experience and use my creative juices.

But, I’m leaving two days after graduation.

Tangled's lizard making a shocked expression

That means I have to pack everything I’ve come to own over the past four years, I need to pay my final two months of rent prior to leaving, and I still have to finish final exams, present my honors thesis and go to graduation ceremonies. After graduation, I have to get my family back on flights home and pack all I own into my little car in hyper-speed (I hope it fits). Then, I’ll be road-tripping it back to Washington with my mom to start my new job ten days after I graduate.

There won’t be any downtime for final goodbyes, or even temporary ones. My boyfriend is staying behind. He has a job here in Tucson, and he’s from Tucson. We’ve got plans for a long distance relationship and he’s looking for a job in Washington, but it’s going to be really stressful. It is really stressful, actually.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz crying

Now, I hope I haven’t bummed anyone out. Graduation is stellar! Getting a job is awesome too! But, good things can be stressful, and I’m learning and growing still, even though my academic career is ending (for now). Endless possibilities are on the horizon. While changes are hard, I know that as one chapter ends, a new chapter is always on the next page of any good book.

Bilbo, from The Hobbit, running down a path -

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