Jumping Juggling Juniors

17 Jun

Don’t give up now…you’re half way there! Junior year is all about preparations for the future. What else could better describe the true meaning behind what it means to be constantly #WildcatReady!? You may feel that this year is all about jumping through hoops and juggling hundreds of things, and that may be true for you. Well, the Outreach Facilitators have devised some ways to make this year run as smooth as possible.

Reads "#WildcatReady"

Having a productive Junior year is the key to building a stellar resume. If you take a trip over to Career Services, they can help you format your resume and also help you identify areas you should dedicate time to improving. They may bring up ideas that you had never thought of before, or they may reiterate something that has been sitting on your to-do list since your first year at UA.

As a Junior, be consciously monitoring how you are connecting your daily activities with your potential career. Perhaps you’ve loved being involved in a club … now is the time to step-up and run for a leadership position. Additionally, find an internship that will allow you to shadow actual professionals in a career field that you are interested in.  Gain the related and transferable skills necessary to excel in your field.

Also, remember that networking is essential in today’s job market and having many connections is great! It is also important, however, to make a few professional relationships more meaningful. Working in a lab for two years or volunteering as a preceptor in a class you excelled in will prove to your mentors and potential future colleagues that you are a committed student. Professors that can demonstrate that they’ve known you for more than one year, in the classroom and in other settings, will write better letters of recommendation, and they will work to help you develop in more ways.

At this stage in your collegiate career, you should also be aware if you need to prepare to take any placement exams (LSAT, GRE, MCAT, etc). Students often begin studying over the summer before Senior year (sometimes even before that). Does cracking those study guide books out and incessantly reviewing flashcards sound like a chore? Well it is, but working hard now will pay off later. Higher scores not only improve your chances of admittance to post-baccalaureate programs, but they also improve your chances for scholarships and TA positions. For a fee, the ThinkTank offers preparation courses over the summer and in the fall.

Of course, taking and preparing for these tests requires quite a bit of dough (aka MONEY); therefore, this year you may be asking yourself how you will afford this and upcoming application fees? I highly advise that students find research labs to work in or utilize the Career Service’s Wildcat Student Employment Fair to find ways to earn more cash. Best of luck Wildcats, you are now #WildcatReady for your third year of college!

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