Super Stellar Seniors

17 Jun

Senior year = fun year! We don’t mean for you to stop all your hard work. We hope that this year is the year you can let loose and begin to appreciate your dedication and everything that you’ve done. This is the year when your #WildcatReady state of mind can slowly transition into #BearDownLife.

Reads "Bear Down Life" with students in cap and gown for graduation

Start your University of Arizona Bucket List! You’ve proven that you have the skills to excel in the classroom. Now it is time to make sure you accomplish everything you sought out to do at UA. Have you been here for only four years and still never been to A-Mountain? Want to take that random Gen Ed you never had the time to take until now? Grab your friends and start an intramural team. Whatever it is…Do it now!

As as senior, your future road can lead to either Graduate/Professional school or entering straight into the workforce. Regardless, you can never be too prepared. At Career Services, for example, you can receive guidance on perfecting your application. Learn about the application timeline, standing out on your personal statement, and how to appropriately ask for letters of recommendation. Continuing your education is a great way to go!

Likewise, you can also utilize Career Services by practicing your interviewing skills. They’ll advise you on how to rock  your professional dress, how to talk to future employers about benefits, and  how to network your way to a job. The Career Fairs that the UA hosts are a great way to implement all of the concepts you’ve learned and prove what a stellar employee you would make at a company!

While you are attending Career Fairs and looking at prospective employers, start visualizing yourself in your first post-grad job. Whether it is in Tucson or across the globe, you will always be a part of the giant group of Wildcat Alumni. There are different alumni chapters everywhere, and they want YOU to become involved even after you’ve left the UA.

Finally, give back to the communities that helped you the most. Perhaps you’ve found a charity or organization with a mission that you are very passionate about. Take a few hours out of your week and volunteer. Also, perhaps you had some great mentors that helped you get through challenging times during the past few years. Be sure to take a minute to thank them and guide another underclassman to them that could use that same help.

Congratulations on getting this far, Wildcats!  You are definitely #WildcatReady for your future to begin!

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