Supreme Sophomores

17 Jun

You conquered freshman year!  CONGRATS! While it may be nice to recuperate during the summer months, being #WildcatReady for the year to come is all about staying motivated and self-starting new things.  Thankfully, Outreach Facilitators are giving some tips on how to do just that!

Reads "#WildcatReady"

Hopefully, over the summer you are taking stock of what worked well for you last year and what didn’t. As the new semester begins, make the appropriate changes to ensure that you are giving yourself the opportunities to be your best self. Perhaps this means cutting down on how many hours you work, or this might mean not committing to another online class because it was too hard to motivate yourself to learn the material. Embrace the fact that you have your own learning and study styles, understand them, and then make the most out of them.

The most important thing to realize in college (and in life) is to be your own advocate. Take charge of your success. For example, go to professor’s office hours and find out why you made certain mistakes. Don’t wait for your academic advisor to contact you – make an appointment and go in prepared with questions or ideas about your class schedule. Get into that class you really want to take, even if you have to show up the first day with an Add/Drop form.  Take charge of your life because no one is going to do it for you.

This year is also a great time to start making good connections with faculty and staff. If you really click with a professor, ask more about the research they conduct or if they have suggestions for how to get more involved in your area of interest. These are the connections that will help you get future internships, guide you through the job search, and become very useful for references or letters of recommendation.

Wishing to explore the world? The UA has a great Study Abroad program that can make these dreams come true! Start thinking about where you’d like to visit and start budgeting for an experience of a lifetime!

Being #WildcatReady during your second year at the UA also requires you to answer some important questions. Throughout the year, seriously think about what kind of future your major offers you. Are these career paths of interest to you? If not, make a new map of your ideal career endpoint and consider what you need to get there. If you are confident with your major selection…AWESOME! Now ask yourself how do people succeed in this major and prepare themselves for graduation and beyond? Are you involved as you should be in your major? If not, now is a great time to change it!


Shout out to the ThinkTank for these awesome resources!


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