Back to School: First Day in The Life of Andy

30 Aug

This was Monday. The first day of the semester.  I knew that once I set out my door, I would again be living life as a Wildcat, and I was pumped!

As I walked down the sidewalk, coffee in hand, I began to feel the tinge of excitement, and even a bite of nervousness. Yes, even us seniors get nervous on the first day of classes. I knew I would be seeing old friends, making new ones and, of course, I would be a student for some amazing professors.

I also thought about what I was wearing. I am a firm believer in dressing how you want to feel, and how you want to be seen. I had a nice T-shirt, Levi’s and my good watch. I always choose to dress comfortably, but nice enough to make a good impression.


Syllabus week is an exciting time for me. It’s the time to see what the heck you got yourself in to.  My first class of the day followed the typical, “first class format.” Go in, read the syllabus, short context lecture on the subject matter, and then leave. I was okay with this.


After class it was time to go to work. Those of you who are devoted Wildcat Connections followers may recognize this building; it’s Nugent! Our office is located in the basement of this building, but it’s a lot more welcoming than most basements.


And here we are. The basement. Did anyone see the post on the computer screen right now? Yeah, I posted that. This is more or less what I get to look at when I work. I find work to be my place to de-stress from my classes and get my mind thinking about something else. I mean, look–between classes I made memes and posted them for all of you to see.


After work, I took a break. I had to run back to my apartment in order to meet the Cable Guy to set up my internet connection. On the way, I grabbed myself a treat from Seven Eleven. Did you know Shaq has his own soda? Also, get this–it’s made by Arizona Iced Tea. I had to grab one.


I realized I needed a notebook for my last class, so I ran over to the BookStore to grab one. I really enjoy these notebooks. I get them every year. They are a little pricey, but hey! They are good quality, spirited, and when you Bursar them, it doesn’t feel as bad. (Be careful with what you Bursar, kids).


The day was over and I was starving. Only logical thing to do at this point was to stop at the Greek Patio. I love this place, and surprisingly not many people know of it. It’s just a two-minute walk from campus and has a gyro that keeps me going back.  It’s also right next to my apartment. They know me by name. Actually, they aren’t the only food place that does. I eat a lot.IMG_1221

This was just a glimpse into my first day as a Wildcat. How did it go for you? What did you all do on your first day? Do you remember what you wore? Where did you eat? Keep all this in mind as you continue through this year and the ones to come. It’s truly surprising to see how much I’ve changed, and how my routines have too. Who knows how many memes I will post, and how many food establishments will know me by name, before I leave?

–Andy Gonzalez


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