Now Here’s A Story All About… Lauren’s First Day

30 Aug

Now here’s a story all about how

my first day got flipped and turned upside-down.

And I’d like to take a minute,

Just sit right there,

I’ll tell you how I started my first day with some flair.

Okay, okay. I know that wasn’t the greatest remix of the theme song from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but hey, it was worth a try. Will Smith was really onto something wearing his prep-school blazer inside-out on the first day of school. You can’t hear that opening and not smile, right?

All jokes and songs aside, the first day of school, no matter what your college year, is important for setting the tone. Everything counts, from what you wear, to how you get around, so this year, I decided to keep track of what I did to start my academic year off with a bang.

 What I’m wearing:

First Day

I had a difficult time choosing what to wear the first day of classes, but I decided to go with a color that I always love. That color, my friends, is pink. Even though it is the first day and everyone wants to start with their best foot forward (as do I), I also like to make sure that I don’t kill my feet walking across campus, thus, The Sperry Topsiders were my go-to shoe. As you can see, I am pretty excited to start my last year of school in style.

How I’m getting around:

I am a good old-fashioned walker. I will definitely bring my bike next week, once the crowds die down and people discover that the bike lane and walking lane are two separate things. But, for today/this week, I will be hoofing it.

 Something I overheard that was funny:

“This professor has to be cool, his last name means beer in Czech!”- Group of men sitting behind me in my science class.

First Day Lunch

What I’m eating:

Although I am not opposed to dining in the fine eateries here on campus, the Union during the first week of school is hectic to say the least, so I opted to bring my lunch with me to campus. I had a yummy pesto-chicken-pasta mix.

 My most memorable line or wait experience:

Trying to get out of AME S202! With ten minutes to get across campus, sitting in the front of a classroom with exits in the back of the room was a bad choice! Note to self: Bring a bike next time or sit closer to the doors.

Biggest discovery or something new about campus I noticed:

The Modern Streetcar is coming along quite nicely despite the delays. I am hoping it will be done and ready to go by next semester!

My major obstacle:

Hustling across campus to class while praying I won’t be late or get hit by a bicyclist.

First Day Destress

A place I rested or de-stressed:
Behind Old Chemistry. There is a nice (shaded) walkway with a few long benches that is just perfect for relaxing and eating my lunch.

 Something social I engaged in:

I did a lot of walking to class today, but I also went to work at Student Affairs Outreach Office located in the Nugent Building. Stop by and say hello some time! We’d love to talk to you and if you need help with anything we are here to assist you.

Something academic I engaged in:

Day one and I was already at the library reading for a quiz due on Friday. That is

First Day Library

pretty studious right off the bat! I figure, it is easy if I start the hard work now, and put in the time to get goods grades while my schedule has down time. That way, when I get really busy right around the time of midterms, I (hopefully) won’t be as stressed out.

I pulled up to my house about seven or eight,

And I yelled to the roomie ‘Yo homes I’m back late.’

I looked at my kingdom,

I was finally there,

To end my first day with the same flair.

All in all, my first day went well despite the running from point A to point B. The first day of school is full of excitement, nervousness, and even a little stress from time to time.

One thing for certain is, if you make the best of your new situation, whether it be like the Fresh Prince, plaid-side out, or like me, sporting my Topsiders and hitting the books early, then you will have every reason to succeed and make your time here at the U of A the best it can be.

–Lauren Erdelyi

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