Resource Reflection: Freshman Class Council, My Golden Ticket to a Social Life

20 Sep

My favorite part of freshman year, if I had to choose, would be joining Freshman Class Council, no doubt about it. Freshman Class Council is an organization through ASUA, your Student Government on campus, which focuses on spirit, philanthropy, outreach, and friendship.

Becoming involved in a club on campus helped me feel like I was a true Wildcat. See, I am from Tucson, so I lived (and still live) at home. At the beginning of freshman year, I would literally drive to school, go to class, and then drive back home right after class. I absolutely love living at home. I mean, who doesn’t love their mom’s home cooked meals, free laundry, and their own room? I just felt like something was missing.

I was definitely doing college wrong. It was as if I was disconnected from the U of A community. I had no friends, and I would sit by myself during my breaks. It was great. NOT. It felt like I had moved to a new city and I was not quite settled in yet. Once I was selected to be a part of Freshman Class Council, things started to change and I began to feel as if I was now a part of the U of A.

Freshman Class Council helped me make lifelong friendships. FCC selected 49 of us, and it was as if I had made 48, automatic best friends. We were referred to as “cubbies,” and we were a family. I could finally hang out with FRIENDS in the ASUA office instead of sitting alone during my breaks between classes. I met my best friend, Jocelin (who also happens to be an Outreach Facilitator). Now, we are inseparable. I could not imagine going through college without her. I have a group of people that I can count on, whether I need to vent about how my day is going, to have pizookies with after a long week full of exams, or to study physiology for hours with. I am a junior now, and the majority of people that I hang out with are still FCC people. We are “cubbies for life” and we really do live by that motto.


I have always had a passion for helping others, and philanthropy is one of FCC’s pillars. We participated in many philanthropic events, which I absolutely loved. From volunteering at the bowling and track and field Special Olympics, to setting up a dodge ball tournament for Desert Diamond Children’s Hospital, to collecting clothes for a clothing drive, we did it all. I enjoyed giving back to my community. Not only could I hang out with this great group of people, but I could also volunteer my time with them for a great cause. This helped me to get away from sitting at home doing nothing, and taught me the importance of paying it forward.  Through helping people, I learned that a little goes a long way; we are all going through different hardships, and sometimes even a smile can make someone’s day.

I made some of the best memories freshman year with my cubbie brothers and sisters. Being able to participate in FCC’s traditions helped me feel as if I was taking part in the U of A’s traditions. For homecoming, we made a float and got to march in the parade through the U of A mall. We went to Bear Down Ball together, which is a 1920’s themed ball where all proceeds are donated to UNICEF. We even traveled to Disneyland. I mean, the happiest place on earth with my best friends? YES, PLEASE.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.55.46 PM

FCC helped me to come out of my shell, and it opened doors to becoming even more connected to campus. Later that year, I became involved in Wildcat Event Board (WEB), an organization that puts on free events for the student body. Sophomore year, I was involved in SMORES Sophomore Honorary, which I also loved. I also heard of this job through Jocy, and am now an Outreach Facilitator. Last summer, I was an Orientation and Welcome Leader which was by far one of my top three experiences at the U of A. All of these opportunities arose because I decided to step out of my comfort zone and become involved.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.01.57 PM

If there is one piece of advice that I could give every freshman, it would be to get involved. Getting involved helps you feel connected to the U of A, especially if you are living off-campus. It helps you meet new people, make friends, and have lasting memories. Having a social life along with all of the academics can be a struggle, but getting involved is a great way to balance it out. You can be involved with the university, meet people to study with, and also have a great time. My freshman year was one that I will never forget, and I want you all to be able to look back on it and have an amazing experience just like me.

Although FCC applications have already closed, you can get involved in an honorary next year. Sophomore year, you can apply for SMORES or SOPHOS during the spring semester. Visit the ASUA Student Clubs and Organizations list, for a complete list of clubs. Find the club that fits what you’re looking for, whether it is school spirit, philanthropy, cultural or leadership-related. If you don’t find a club that floats your boat, you can always gather ten friends, and start your own.

–Adilene Barrios

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