Ways to Beat the Boredom

27 Sep

When I was a freshman, I had a four-hour gap between two of my classes. When I didn’t have homework or a project to work on, I found myself very, very bored.  My four-hour break turned in to four-hour nap time in the library. I do not suggest this. You may find yourself being woken up by a librarian with everyone watching as you wipe the drool off your face. Whether it’s cleaning out your backpack, organizing your computer files or grabbing lunch with a friend, there is always something to do! Of course, the first thing on your list of things to do — when you’ve done everything on your list of things to do — is STUDY! Always review your notes and look over homework; I can’t stress that enough. BUT there is such a thing as taking a break, and if you’ve done all your chores, you deserve it! Take care of yourself! Here are some ideas if you find yourself “bored’ on-campus.


The Rec – It always surprises me how many students don’t utilize the amazing facility they have at their disposal. If you know you have a break, bring a change of clothes and step on in! The Rec is not “just a gym.” The Rec is an amazing facility and offers classes like yoga, self-defense, and dance. The Rec also has a spa, bouldering wall and an OSCR lab with 16 Mac computers. The Rec is  the best way to exercise your body AND your mind. 

Charles Darwin Experience

The Charles Darwin Experience U of A’s Improv Group “The Charles Darwin Experience” creates scenes off the top of their heads JUST FOR YOU! They perform every Tuesday at 10:00 pm in the Gallagher Theatre and are guaranteed to make you laugh! Head over to the Union Tuesday to socialize and let off some steam! Did I mention they are all current U of A students?! The audition process was just featured in an article in The Daily Wildcat. Check it out!
Art Museum The University of Arizona Museum of Art is a calming and reflective place to visit. Two floors of captivating pieces and all it’ll cost you is showing your CatCard at the door. I’ve spent plenty of time browsing through the art, reflecting on my thoughts and current situations. If you get a chance, be sure to spend some time at the Mark Rothko piece. It is my personal favorite. Take the time to sit and really look in to it. You may not see anything, but art isn’t always something you can see. It’s something you feel. Something that evokes emotion. Walking through the museum will get you thinking, and it’s a great place to “get away.” The Art Museum is also a really great place to take a date! But considering it’s free you should probably grab dinner or something. Don’t be cheap, gents!  
UA Art Museum

I remember slumping down in my library chair as a freshman and being reminded of when I was a kid and I got “bored.” Every time I ever told my Dad I was bored, he would quickly respond with, “clean your room, wash the dishes or mow the lawn then.” I usually found something that WASN’T a chore to do real fast. But my dad had a point. You should never be “bored.” All the time you spend on being “bored” can be time spent on studying, finishing projects or doing something to make yourself and this world a better place.

–Andy Gonzalez


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